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Amidst Jingxingyan

Jiumu Shenxianju, determined to become attached, but no due cents to every passer.Taking advantage of holiday time there, especially drove to want to dye Xian Yuan.But had not thought of, or the clear blue skies yesterday, but it began to rain after overnight majestic, Pakistan Pakistan lungs to the heart is so disappointed.Perhaps this is a test I waited mortal lasting bonds of faith, but young children accompanied by real inconvenience.Both wanted only a dozen kilometers away from the Shenxianju, mortal beings considered it a shallow edge!But the heart has unwilling, so the service desk to ask, sitting in front of the stage sofa man, told us, so heavy rain when the line went Jingxingyan, here not only from Shenxianju close, great scenery, and more than a wind shelter the rain, easy to carry child rows.Really determined to grow willow-lined!    From afar, the mountains there is a rock cross in the sky, climbed steeply, exactly layers of rain and fog shrouded, it is truly wonderful!Approaching, but see Cliff bare three sides, steep Qiaoyan, plus fog surrounded felt difficult its right views human.Along the winding road leading to the gate, looked up view of rock, the whole thing a long narrow north-south mountain, raised his head and tail, like a moored ship.    Thus dangerous rock climbing thought inconvenience lines must not expected mountainside resort two direct-speed elevator, it will climb up by Lawton.Lift out the disc rows ladder, walk one hundred meters Mochizuki corridor, I saw a distant rock Pegasus usher.Southbound few steps, there is on the first floor, called Mochizuki, open unimpeded, looked up as possible to imagine a bright moon hanging tower at best, next to several significant pieces if implicit, if the stars show off moonlit, endless distant mountains do the scene, a desert valley in front, as if floating above the waves, really hard to find beauty!His wife said the day dreaming immortal drama.    Amble along the forest trail, but found that I do not know when the rain stops, put away the umbrellas, was surprised to find the distance light rain and fog is slowly hidden, overlapping mountains fade.Overlooking the bell rock, the whole whitened mountainside will rock Zhuangruo white hips, n-Hui Fang Emirates, dictates overbearing, a white circle to the lower right Exhibition of white snake upwardly listen up.Bell rock fissures into three parallel cliff, ditch from the sky, rocks sink down, striking rock, such as ringtones shock, lingering sound wave.    South hinterland has a net living temple, the moon, drunk on dreams and surround month on the third floor, which is west corner there is a relic, Wu Ming left history to the time of “study hall”, in this study may be the sun and moon washing, so distractions.Not far from the reading hall “Reaching for the Stars Pavilion”, Ting Qian couplets “beyond the bounds of stardom is not easy to be selfless, moon how difficult aspiring and promising worthy titles and captured” positive couplets lining Cijing.    Exhumation from the south, before heading to the north, the sun at a cassock slope and across the net Habitat Temple, mottled robe slope if cassock, because burial Tang Dynasty monk, and no inch of grass and name, in order to become a Buddha symbolizes pure heart full.West a few steps forward, a pagoda trees, Budo Sanskrit word for tower.There is a hexagonal tower before the party pit, a mossy stone ride at one-third of the stone edge of the disc has two trees, filling the vicissitudes of life, the original party pit is used by monks passed away, not only elegant but also Buddha to durability deserted.    Return slowly, frequently look back, so beautiful, even if this meant cents dependents, worldly also move.Whether intolerable deserted me, I do not know Xian Yuan can be a deep divide.