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Amidst Gulangyu

[Editor’s note]: Gulangyu Although the age-old building, but a beautiful environment, from the article can taste the beautiful mood, too, Gulangyu is also a lot of witness to history, such as that “Nanjing Treaty” in the five trade one took place so far and hit “Moment in Peking” talk described the complaint had occurred, Yao, three family cattle 30 years of joys and sorrows and pains and sorrows, and even if time passes, Gulangyu is still doing a faithful record of history By.  When I stood overlooking Gulangyu ferry port, the sky filled with thin dense rain.Raindrops hit the top of the umbrella, rapid drums Yousi.   Gulangyu formerly known as round sandbar, because there are sea caves by the sea southwest of impact sound as ominous, so there is Ya Name.At the moment it lay in front of me.Amidst vast as it spun cast a hazy one, shadowy, fluttering transitory man, still holds partly concealed.As a whole Gulangyu fog and rows of battleships, erect the statue of Zheng Chenggong warships head held high, towering Sunlight Rock is the battleship bridge.Thousands of years, the battleship has maintained a stance that indomitable, magnificent.   I am actually very superficial perception for Gulangyu, only one song – “Gulangyu the wave”.”Gulangyu four weeks the vast sea, the sea waves muster.”That’s beautiful melody touched me,” muster the sea waves, “the poetic, but also brought back my endless source of fascination.Today, I finally approached it.   Rain spread very tight, but still full of tourists.Umbrella, I alone walked along slowly ramp.Walking through the alleys of Gulangyu, striking and can stretch of green building nestled in the shade, the walls covered with thick ivy, inadvertently met Bougainvillea, firecracker flowers, between The rain, beautiful dripping, lovely.Turn out a side street, face a banyan tree crown cover awnings, and numerous small tassel-like beard and crown hanging in between, as read to the vicissitudes of the elderly to be floating in the air sagging US.Listen to the tour guide know that this is a unique banyan tree, growing from the branches aerial roots.Once these have been under aerial roots extend into the ground soil, it will form new trunks.Over time, the branch of the tree trunk and intertwined, on the formation of a dense jungle.As the saying goes tree does not make a forest, and then there banyan tree forest wonders.Mother Nature always give people a surprise.   Architecture is the art of solidification.Gulangyu walking in the streets, the most eye-catching is that blocks of different styles, imaginative architecture.Villa are pure European style; traditional Chinese temples of cornices; there is Taiwanese-style courtyard; there are Chinese and Western small building.Gulangyu is known as International Architecture Exhibition in the world.In this area only 1.9 square kilometers of the island, there are a thousand villas like pearls scattered in the shade leaves, edge of the beach.These historic buildings dating back to the 1842 “Nanjing Treaty” signed, trade as one of five cities, where Western powers flocked to seize the most scenic Gulangyu built villa, mansion.The building is now a cultural exchange between the essence of the landscape.I went into the garden Shuzhuang.Garden built by the sea, stone base up the mountain, during which tower pavilions vary its shape.Lean on a railing overlooking the standing height, visible waves surging tide, the sea beach kiss.The park has Wang Autumn House, forty-fourth bridge, talk about winning Xuan, Stones rockery and so elegant attractions, at that point can saw the vast sea.Worthy of the most famous gardens of Gulangyu.   The rain tight grip, legs stick to the ankle infiltration coolness, but I still wander the narrow streets and alleys.I’m looking for, looking for a famous scholar, writer’s footsteps.When I find what you want Zhangzhou Road, turn into a lonely alley, I saw a small building English.There are no signs indicating no nameplate, and even visitors are not quiet enough to allow me sad.This is the former residence of Lin Yutang.Wong is a front path, trod on my foot went in the mud.Small building very run-down, the corner of the courtyard with towering weeds, mottled with moss on the stone steps, flower beds weed disrepair for many years in the limelight.Along the steps up the stairs, one could not see the paint color of the break to block my way.From every door to look inside, tables and chairs Mongolia full of dust, cobwebs in the corner of the junction, the stretch of desolate and inhospitable.I could not help think of the masters of “Moment in Peking”.The novel tells once, Yao, three family cattle 30 years of joys and sorrows and pains and sorrows, the expression is “Take It” motif.Look at the front of this barren desolate dilapidated old house seems a comment on the Take It.   Leaving Lin Yutang House, the night has been quietly enveloped down, sentimental, or the next rain forever, roadside shops already bright lights.Beautiful Gulangyu is washed off like a glowing pearl, let me let me hang around to leave.   This trip in a hurry, Gulang Kikunami, Sunlight Rock sunrise, sandy beach stroll These views have not had time to enjoy the look and feel.Leave regret is read to keep and look forward to, I think I would regret to compensate for these.[Editor: Decade of sword]