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Amidst feelings

Perhaps because of the beauty of the poetry of the season into your eyes and that Xiao Yun Yan Yung always with a warm breeze floated into my draft memo that in line with the “Come Qingyun if the shield months, sway back and his ilk Wind snow “spotlessly clean modality always makes me admire Dreaming of love heavily whenever the pen into a hazy color has poetic months there will be a lot of you are worried about recalling the tragic, I thought you said, a lot more, like the night sky gentle infatuation starry enough into a sultry heart and soul, eternal farewell spring night love song, but the face of Wanlv Qingsi coagulation casting love I do not know how to string you pop song because I was afraid of the voice of the Last song also afraid desolate street of hearts let’s dream relentless wind and rain to a residual destroy never be able to unlock Choujie generated for this purpose is like getting lost in the horizon of melancholy Gu Hong sad they do not know when we can go all the way lonely you know?In the beautiful days how much I want to send you to the moon as one poem-colored embellishment you that full of green illusion But my heart in your modesty can only wet season into an emotional feeling heart red beans have begun to grow pale look at the Acacia into the illness I can only again and again toward your dream to stay in the shadows affectionately Q: can I send you a red bean of an intention to grow Acacia red beans in addition you will not like it in addition, they only wish to pay all genuine day to go see the flowers on show suffered injury worry but the cup of love for you because I would rather wait until you understand my heart again hand in hand into a better mood