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Notes woman eating antler velvet how to eat

Notes woman eating velvet antler is a very good Chinese herbal medicine since ancient times, I believe many people like to eat velvet to their own health, then considerations of what a woman eating velvet and small series together to see a woman eating deer antler Notes introduction to it!Notes velvet woman eating a woman's body is very gentle, so in the eyes of Chinese medicine, the woman is negative, positive man, so when he says that yin and yang combination of hardness and softness。 There will be many differences between women and men。
Then the woman how to eat velvet woman what time it is best not to eat it following a brief velvet woman eating antler method: Take Velvet piece 5 grams, a ginger, jujube one, a little rice wine into the cup, add water, cover after cooking the lid。 When the water is boiling and simmer gently for two hours, you can use it, the beginning of food are dry mouth, red eyes, rapid heartbeat and other reactions, should stop eating, which is a virtual free fill。 Asymptomatic, eclipse every time, the amount of added gradually to 10 grams; Hypertension, heart disease, eating should be prescribed。 Sparkling wine or powdered antler is taking the most commonly used method of eating。 Ginseng, velvet, Gecko, hippocampus, Cordyceps sinensis liquor into the soaking seal month, every 25-50 ml, 2 times a day, for impotence, frequent urination, weak waist, excessive vaginal discharge, cold uterus infertility have a good effect。
Those who do not drink directly velvet powder may be blunt, 1-2 grams each, containing 1 or daily administration of chewing。
Notes woman eating velvet velvet suit can not be arbitrary in the absence of differentiation, its function is kidney yang, essence and blood, strong bones and muscles, the product can cause Sunrise wind, dizziness, Shangyin moving blood, where Yin Yang Kang, blood heat, Wei Huo-sheng or lung phlegm and exogenous fever caught Jifu, before taking syndrome or the first look as well, Directions: 1–3g into powder and swallowed。
The efficacy and role velvet seminiferous strong bones, strong action。