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And despised others despises himself

And despised others despise himself in the United States is an elderly couple, woman wearing a faded gingham dress and her husband dressed in cheap suits made of cloth, and no appointment in advance, directly to visit the president of Harvard.  Principal Secretary in the moment to conclude that this country two old soil cap is impossible to have business dealings with Harvard.  Mr. whispered: We want to see the principal.Secretary politely say: He was busy all day!  Ms. replied: It does not matter, we can wait.  After a few hours, the secretary has been to ignore them, hoping they quit, go away themselves.They have been waiting there.  Secretary finally decided to inform the principal: Maybe they’ll say a few words with you go away.  Chancellor agreed impatiently.  Principal great dignity and reluctantly to face the couple.  Ms. told him: We have a son who attended a year at Harvard, he liked Harvard, he was very happy at Harvard,.But last year, he had an accident and death.My husband and I wanted to stay a campus memorial for him.  The president was not to be touched, but feel very funny, gruffly say: Madame, we can not ever read for every death from Harvard and then to establish statue.If we do this, our campus looks like the same cemetery.  Woman said: No, we do not want to erect a statue, we want to donate a building to Harvard.  Principal carefully looked at the gingham dress and denim cheap suit, and then spit breath and said: Do you know how much money it takes to build a building?Our school buildings more than $ 7.5 million.  At this time, the lady does not speak of silence.() The president was pleased, I could finally let them go.  The lady turned to her husband, said: As long as you can build a 7.5 million building?Why do not we build a university in honor of our son?  In this way, the couple left Harvard, Stanford.To California, Stanford University was established to commemorate their son. This is the origin of Stanford University.  Insights on life: Do not underestimate anyone around you, and despised others despises himself.Respect everyone around. We are always caused by the contempt and ridicule but did not want to underestimate the youth into power a truly successful person, his life will never look down on anybody grow, I just started working full text of frustration / Zhou Lingfeng That season, there is no lack of passion, job Well done also beautiful, manager of Lao Qiu I quite appreciated, that I have his demeanor when young in fact, he was about four years old, boomer.  Qiujing Li was born farmer, high school graduation, joined the army, serving in remote mountain Wowo inside, occasionally get the chance seconded to the provincial military, but still a bulk of soldiers.With his seniority, you want to get a raise or turn dry volunteer qualifications, even more difficult.  Seeing date demobilization of every day is near, Lao Qiu worried.He then joined the army, is in search of better opportunities, so if you go home, the so-called dream come true, there is nothing the.If someone else is experiencing this situation, most will back down, or rack their brains to seek shortcuts, Lao Qiu had no such conditions, the only thing he could rely on, is their industrious and meticulous.  The rustic and rural children stoic soldier will become the capital of Lao Qiu, Yu Lao Qiu in attendance, the initiative to start the service work: get up early an hour a day, the whole building inside and spotlessly clean, even the heads of each cup on the desk, also wash clean, and full brew tea.Lao Qiu no one asked to do so, and no one after the Lao Qiu consciously done all this, face to face to the commitment, as is not a variety of strange sounds, I did not ask, Lao Qiu did not tell me, but the effort behind loneliness and hardships, it is not difficult to imagine.  Demobilization of nearly day, Lao Qiu can do is, as always, attendance seriously, seriously do service work.Turn down volunteer places, Lao Qiu’s name impressively, some have questioned the qualifications Lao Qiu, head of asked: he is the most hardworking soldiers, the most serious I’ve seen, we do not leave such people, who stay?  I know old Qiu, who is the company’s most experienced senior human resources division, Sando this type of experience, laid a starting point for his success.  Over the years, whenever setbacks or ring true, I will think of the story of Lao Qiu, taste the longer, the more there is a world that has real meaning.  Another colleague, also let me admiration.  When I first came to television stations shortly after receiving the tricky task of going to visit was a modest gentleman, he usually reclusive, hardly dealing with the media, naturally inconvenience to be interviewed.  Closing date is approaching, still unable to contact.Finally, I can only try holding the mentality, the old man went to the workplace of people blocking.An enthusiastic colleagues see my lack of confidence, I volunteered to Luezhen.  People are blocking the compulsory Reporter.We go all the way, to find the old man’s office, asking him to interview the elderly bluntly rejected.Time to leave, I clearly felt that he barely hold my hand, I was almost out the door to.  I rarely encounter such an embarrassing scene, wondering on the other interviewed in their hearts, and will soon do the second program, go back and consult my colleagues, she was head of a Young, put down one sentence: we go tomorrow!  Was I the bad weather days are attached torrential rain, rain and a moisture we went to her door, the result was not the slightest warmth: the old man or a business trip, or only in the mountains somewhere in the clouds office.Can not find the old man, we had to start from top to bottom all around.I keep sort of background material at home, co-workers responsible for site toured.A few days later, a complete data collection, old man unit colleagues also colleagues wear over and over, they promised to give us some delivery interview outline, and some secretly to the man’s cell phone number to us.  Finally, a storm in the afternoon, we residence near a cafe in the old man, about to interview success.When () and talk to the old man we find him very seriously our interview outline, we also know that these days people experience blocking, it seems that hard work pays off saying, is not iffy.  Upon completion of the interview, when I express my thanks to the perseverance of colleagues, she was head of a Young: What is this, an interview with a former name of the scholar, he rejected me 18 times, I wear him 19 times Finally, we became close friends.  ”Zeng Letter”, said: his life grow, all in frustration.Perhaps really want to learn a lot, gain a little experience, you should face adversity, not hide do not flash. Setbacks on the road, often persist between life in mind, just before loading the line will not be defeated at the end of the frustration is the frustration of youth success is a strong eye text / field he is a cerebral palsy patient, living in a single-parent family in Ireland.His body except the head and neck able to move, all the other parts of paralysis.Moreover, because the nerve endings necrosis pronunciation, he could not speak.However, his mind is clear, there is no obstacle to hearing.And these features for such a miserable life it is precisely the most painful.Because, he has his own ideas, but can not say the mouth, can not be used to achieve the limbs.  He had thought about suicide many times.However, suicide for him, but also prohibitively difficult.To the end of his life, the only way is to hunger strike.Mother does not allow him to do so.Because the mother can always find ways to make him eat the food, but he was powerless to stop such actions mothers.After a failed suicide operations numerous times, he decided to live, and to be strong, wonderful place to live.  His starting point is to watch TV from the beginning.Mother to exclude his loneliness in his bedroom to install a TV.And, in order to let him choose his own love to watch TV shows, TV remote fixed to the mother in the bed, and then his head tied a horn.In this way, the mother was away, he can click on the TV remote control by moving the head, thus completing the task of replacing the TV channels.  He can finally take care of themselves.Although, this is just take care of themselves regulate television channels, but he was glad.Because, as he opened the TV channel a soul, he can understand the outside world through television.Not only that, he quickly realized that a lot of English words on television subtitles, and know their meaning.Once, a disabled person on TV advertising typewriter, he suddenly liked that thing, to see the dawn of life.Yes, as long as learn typing, he will be able to express their thoughts through words, even more meaningful thing to do.  Mother returned from work, he deliberately transferred to the ads on TV.Start, his mother did not know what he meant.However, he again and again to let the mother see this ad, so do not let Mother exchange channel.Mother finally came to understand the meaning of his son: son wanted a typewriter so that people with disabilities.Mother immediately bought the typewriter, installed in the bed.He played his first life sentence with horns tied in the head: Mom, thank you!My mother saw this sentence, surprised, and asked: how do you know the word?He played out the words: I was studying with TV!I want to write, I want to be a poet, a writer!Mother suddenly hugged his son’s head, burst into tears.Mother’s hot tears fall, wet his cheeks.  His mother is a computer connected to broadband.He can chat with people through broadband, you can see the literature on the Internet, learning to write.Although he was a knock on every word will have to pay a heavy price, even hurt his head.However, he still persisted.He wrote in his works: If my body can turn into a seagull, and I will be full of volcanic eruptions of passion, to the boundless sky fly free at last, he published his debut.He looked at the editorial department of the mail sample issues and royalties, could not help the tears welling up.Because he used his strong youth opened eyes and see the meaning and value of life to survive.This year, he was only 13 years old.  Since then, he works out of control.He wrote fascinated, even completely forgotten their situation, forget their disability.His mind and talent by beating the head with horns typewriter bedside, converted into a beautiful verse and magnificent chapter, the editorial fly, fly to the reader’s heart, spreading human kindness and strong.  Once, he completed a poem, his happy thoughts jump around the room, singing.Happy, he expressed sympathy for bed, the unfortunate little boy, even, he decided to use their royalties to rescue the little boy.But when he put this plan ready to break out to the mother, he discovered the boy lying in bed, but it was their own!At that moment, the mother shed tears, he also shed tears.He was not shed tears for his misfortune, he was for their own happiness and tears.() Because he is unfortunate, but fortunately is.He found a strong youth’s eyes, found the joy and happiness!  His name is Christopher Nolan.Currently, he has published “Dream burst”, “Clock eyes” and other poems and novels.His vision of a disabled man works to construct a number of false and true mood, about the desire of people with disabilities and unique thinking of life.He and his work inspired and inspired millions of people, touched and moved by the hundreds of thousands of readers, by netizens called juvenile Joyce.  Strong is the youth’s eyes.Person’s life will be setbacks and misfortune, however, as long as you have a strong heart, you will open the eyes of youth, and hope to see the light. Why we are not able to be strong to live Tyrant? Strong sentence your parents are working hard for you, this is the reason why you need a strong