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A glass of water for him

He laid off, opened a clothing store.  She has a steady job, a high school teacher.She supported him, although the shop can not earn much money, as long as he does not idle, they will find a way, there will be a way out.  Every week, he went to Hankou into a cargo, are using weekend, get up at midnight, sitting five hours by car.Nearly finished goods, then his big package onto the station, sit five hours by car back to.  On this day, keep her shop, to 2:00 pm, she went to the station to meet him, helped pack the goods carried to the store.  Every time I go the station, she with a glass of water with a mug.Sit for hours in coach, for him, it is necessary to bring a glass of water.  That day, she was, as usual, waiting for him at the station.  2:00 pm, did not come from the Hankou car, naturally, he did not appear.She asked the control room, they did not know.Probably late, then wait.  3:00 pm, opened a few cars come in, all the rest to come, still can not find “Hankou” that word.Go to the control room asked, still did not know.  Her heart uneasiness, worry about a car accident.People say, if so, long fight over the phone.She worried that he was not a bad experience in Hankou, no money to buy a ticket, come back.When he was a big man, should not.Or she met friends in Hankou, was pulling an extra day, but he should also make a telephone call to.  At that moment, she wanted him to peace, which more than anything else.  4:00 pm, or not see the car coming.She was anxious almost cried, to the control room and asked again, finally get a clear answer, the car breaks down halfway.  At that time, the phone is not popular, the driver let the car crossing the road to help bring back the news.  Her heart finally came down, the car breaks down, there is always repaired, sooner or later will come back.  In this way, she was clutching his cup of boiling water, I have been waiting for.She was cold and hungry, afraid to go away, for fear of their own that will go away, he came back.Until the hands of the cup boiling water becomes warm, still clutching her, waiting for him to continue.  The first person 19:00, stop the car, he walked down and saw that she.  ”You silly, cold day, how not to go home ah?”He says.  She said nothing, handed him a cup of tea, said: “quick drink of water, we go home.”Years later, they have children.All along, she was in his home, a cup glass of water, handed him.  Later, she got laid off, and suffering from the disease, his business grew and grew, so he has been caring for her.He said that night 10 years ago, when the station and saw her clutching a glass of water, waiting for himself, he would understand that this is really love his woman.  Also in the day, the anxious waiting, she suddenly realized that he loved him.