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100 Riddles, guessed that 30 cattle!Your baby can

100 Riddles, guessed that 30 cattle!Your baby can guess a few?  Riddles has been a mind exercise, to improve the child’s imagination games, fast, and children play together, watch your baby guess how many?  1, melon, cucumber, watermelon, pumpkin could eat, what not to eat melons?  The answer: a fool 2, has six bowl bread, six children each assigned to one, but also keep a bowl, and why?The answer: a friend took the last pot with 3, as quickly as you can, you put ice into water?  Answer: The two ice remove the word, it becomes water.  4, winter, cold baby, refused to take off their hats in the house.But he met a man obediently took off his cap, who was that?Answer: barber 5, Pharaoh four or five times a day to shave face, his face still has a beard.What is the reason?Answer: Pharaoh was a barber 6, there is a word that everyone will read the wrong met.What is this word?Answer: This is a typo 7, do not have to spend effort to fight what is?Answer: yawn 8, you can do, I can do, we all do; a person can do, two people can do together.What to do?Answer: dreaming 9, who is always afraid to take a bath?  The answer: 10 clay figurines, but Bob never got to study a model student, why?Answer: Xiao Ming is 111 deaf students, what car unable to move?Answer: 12 windmill, which a month twenty-eight days?Answer: there are 2813 day of each month, not drink any wine?  Answer: iodine 14, what could not be smashed eggs, cooking unfamiliar, can not eat?Answer: examination of s duck “0” 15, hit something, you do not have to spend effort?Answer: After dozing 16, from Beijing to Shanghai train takes six hours to exercise three hours, the train somewhere?Answer: On the rails 17, when the clock will not go?The answer: 18 clock would have passed away, what is the narrowest road?  Answer: Yuanjialuzhai 19, flowers bloom all year round is what flower?Answer: 20 plastic flowers, letters what most people like to listen to?The answer: CD 21, what sick people never see a doctor?Answer: Blind 22, Xiaoming know the answer papers, frequently see why students?Answer: Xiao Ming is a teacher with 23 hammer hammer hammer without breaking eggs Why?Answer: Of course not hammer broken 24 boxing champion knocked down very easily by whom?Answer: Sleepy 25 days I do not know what to know, you know I do not know?Answer: sole broken 26, a person walking on the beach, but they found no footprints behind him, and why?Answer: He was walking backwards 27, a truck driver who knocked down a motorcycle, a truck driver was seriously injured, the motorcyclist was right, why?Answer: truck driver was not driving 28, Wake up, everyone first thing to do is?Answer: You can open your eyes 29 blue red pen to write to you?Answer: What is difficult to write a red 30, Confucius and Mencius What is the difference?  Answer: Confucius child on the left, Mencius’s son in the top 31, and why Wang started the third school from an article text?Answer: Who started the third day or two to learn a lesson, doing pretty well!    32, when a foot onto the New World after Columbus, followed by what to do?Answer: onto the other foot 33, caterpillars home, my father said something to my father fainted, Caterpillar said something?Answer: Caterpillar said: I want to buy shoes.  34, what is the middle of the Pacific?Answer: The word 35 is flat, four people playing mahjong in a small room (no one else is watching), then the police arrived, four men ran away, but police in the house and caught a person, why?  Answer: The four people in the house to play mahjong a person called the police caught 36 he is in, what can solve all the mystery?Answer: The answer is 37, what will emerge after death?Answer: movie 38 people, special things inquisitive Who?The answer: 39 reporters who voice travels the farthest?Answer: the caller 40, date of manufacture and expiry what is on the same day?Answer: Daily 41, Xiaomi last night, spent a whole night in the history books, the next day called her mother was not hard, and why?Answer: She used the history books as a pillow to sleep 42, can cover the sky with leaves?Answer: Where eye covered with leaves as long as 43 a cow, walk 10 meters north, then west to go 10 meters, then go south 10 meters, turn right back and asked the cow’s tail toward?The answer: 44 toward the ground, why do black people like to eat white chocolate?Answer: afraid to bite his hand 45, the 8 in half, how much?Answer: 046, people who stutter suffer most are?The answer: make international long distance telephone 47 something people laugh and cry?Answer: The masks 48, ID out how to do?The answer: pick up 49, a man walking on the front came a tiger, back to the bears, this one is how the past?Answer: passed out 50, the prison closed two prisoners, one night all the prisoners escaped, but the next day watchman opens the door to look, also a prisoner inside?  Answer: escaped prisoner named all 51, Xiao Ming’s mother has three sons, the eldest only son called Ming dynasty, the second son called two out, three sons named?Answer: Of course, called the Little Ming 52, why the cat saw a mouse ran?Answer: The mouse ran 53, a migratory bird flew north spend an hour from the south, from the north and south need to fly two and a half hours, and why?  The answer: two and a half hours without it is a 54 hour, who cheat others lie to yourself?The answer: a liar 55, Lee 16 floors to go do business, but he only took the elevator to 14 floors, and then walk up the stairs, and why?Answer: Lee too short, according to the 16th floor elevator button less than 56, a child and an adult walking in the dark of night, the child is an adult son, adult is not the child’s father, may I ask why?Answer: Because they are what the word mother-child relationship 57 common worldwide?The answer: in front of 58, a person of Arabic numerals put a big wide thick book, how he wanted to cross over can be no passing, you know this is why you?Answer: Because the book to 59 people on the corner of what is the secret of longevity?Answer: keep breathing, do not breathe 60, time to see what’s largest moon?Answer: When the moon in 61 who work only one day a year?Answer: 62 Santa Claus, what an eye, close one eye is better?The answer: shooting 63, why newborn child only one left eye?Answer: People have been only a left eye 64, the room was on fire, how Xiao Ming not pull open the door, I ask him later how out?The answer: 65 opened the door, what most would get virtual fraud?Answer: Magic 66, the iron will rust in the open air outside the house, so it gold?Answer: 67 will be stolen, take the eggs to throw stones, why did not break eggs?Answer: left hand right hand egg throwing stones, how will break eggs?  68, the number of letters Xinhua Dictionary?The answer: four 69,2 father and son go hunting, they each shot a duck, but the total was only three, and why?Answer: 3 great-grandfather 70 people, something did not have time to be green, red time to eat, and spits out black?  Answer: watermelon 71, why the sun every day than people from the early?Answer: Because: people sleep later than the sun!  72, a wolf got into the sheep pen, want to eat the sheep, but why it did not have to eat the sheep was not any?Answer: Because: there are no sheep sheepfold!  73, there is a flock of sheep on the hillside to a flock of sheep.There are a few sheep?  Answer: Yeah, or a group of!  74, trying to dream become a reality, the first step should be doing?The answer: getting up.  75 What pandas biggest regret in life is?The answer: no 76 color photos, rain, and we are anxious to go home, but who may have a leisurely walk (he did not hold an umbrella) was asked why he did not hurry home, he said a word, the man fainted, what he said something?Answer: What is urgent, not in front of rain!  77, the boss never cook, but he will burn the same dish every day, is this what dish?Answer: fired 78, my brother bought three bags of rice, my brother bought two bags of rice, the rice home they put a sack, and now they have a few bags of rice?Answer: 1 79 bags of rice, Xiao Ming exam, 100 points, why cry?Answer: Le crying 80, Wang is a good soldier, standing guard on duty at the time, clearly see the enemy crept over to his touch, why he has an eye, close one eye?Answer: he aim at the enemy?81, there is one thing, the rise time will decrease while the decline will also rise, which is what?  Answer: seesaw 82, up from doing.Answer: barber 83, there is a rooster to lay eggs on the roof, you said that eggs will fall from the left or right?Answer: What cock will not lay eggs 84, Hercules never not lift things is?Answer: He (her) own 85, why the frog jump higher than the tree Answer: tree will not jump 86,80 cm long and 30 cm long red crab black crab running game, who would win?Answer: Black crab.Because the red crab is cooked.  87, marshal than a general high level, when the marshal and general equality?Answer: Under 88 Chess, something fell into the water and not get wet?Answer: Shadow.  89, what animals every day, stay up all night?  Answer: panda, which boil eyes are dark.  90, what mopping the cleanest?  Answer: force 91, a ship can withstand up to 50 people, now we have sat 49 people, and another guy, but the ship sank, and why?The answer: because that is the submarine 92, a candle and a kerosene lamp on the table, I ask which one first point?Answer: 93 matches, Xiao Ming said the non-stop all day, why not say a word today?  Answer: Because he lost his voice.  94, why buy new socks have two holes?  The answer: how else to wear 95, usually dinner dishes are my father, my father today Why can not wash the dishes after dinner?  Answer: today eat 96 meals in a restaurant, there is a caterpillar to cross the river, there is no bridge in front, and asked how it was in the past the answer: 97 into a butterfly flew past, what animal you killed it, but you stream blood?  Answer: Mosquitoes 98, a rusty needle in at 7:07:07 on July 7, when the air-ho month when, in Yunnan bait thrown into the sea what will happen reaction?   Answer: fell into the seabed 99, what can not plaster a tendon injury?  Answer: headache 100, wonderful relationship on the slopes, there are two carts.The face of a man came and asked front man: The man behind it is your son?The man said: Yes!He asked the man behind: in front of that person is your father do?He says: It is not!Is this what the relationship?  Answer: mother-child relationship – END – * Source Public number: ABC micro classroom (ID: abcweiketang).This article only to do with sharing, content itself does not represent the number of public view.Belongs to original author, involving the relevant copyright issues, please contact us to delete.  More exciting opportunities for 123 long special training school to listen to content by identifying, for a child to learn to do tyrants of this column one, three, five updated up to six minutes a day, six months to teach you to learn a set of parents to develop Pa law issues @ parents help more exciting, all to help parents APP