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In the world of mortals, the heart looks like lotus

The rest of my life in the winter evening, the cold wind whistling, the snow flying all over the sky, the cold soaking bones. Looking ahead at Shan Ye, a plum tree is burning and blooming. Its flowers are as bright as pink in March, and it is very spiritual. Occasionally, the fragrance is fragrant and refreshing. My father thought very differently. This is an auspicious sign from heaven, and it is pleasing to the heart. You need to search your intestines and scrape your belly, racking your brains, and then you have to master the ancient poem’ Sword Front Raised from Hardening, Plum Blossom Fragrance Comes from Bitter Cold” Meaning Named’ Sword Plum”. One netizen expressed his parents’ high hopes for this name by showing both the charm of women and the heroism of men.. I was deeply ashamed to hear what my friends said. Since childhood, my parents regarded me as a famous pearl in their palm, and they loved me dearly. Their mouth and body are superior to those of the children next door. They never need to worry about the lack of money and the difficulty of speaking and speaking.. I hope I can become a flying phoenix, flying in the sky with feathers and wings, and making a sound to the whole world.. However, the nature is dull, and the disposition is stubborn, and the body is lazy and lazy. How can it become an instrument?. Only get a teaching job, barely enough on a meager salary. If you work alone, you will not be able to keep your parents alive for the rest of their lives, and your heart will be in debt.!     When I was young, I became addicted to learning. I couldn’t release the scroll with each hand. During this time, I used ink as tea and drank it off with gusto.. Parents clasped their fingers above their heads to follow the instructions: ” Er is a woman who wears a needle and leads a lead and serves tea and water.”. The family has no boy but is bred to be a man. How can it behave perversely and abandon its politeness and virtue?? ‘ Yu left ear into how to know right ear is out, still chirp whining, happy don’t think about it, parents helpless, then let it go.     Yesterday, a netizen mistakenly praised the young woman as a fairy in heaven, and the descent into the earth was a real envy of heaven and secretly pleased.. I love Cao Gongzhi’s Red Mansion very much. At the age of five, I have read the book all over the world, and I can also praise the poems in the book and imitate a thing or two.. I often lament the situation of Baodai, and daydreaming also happens from time to time.. I thought I was the incarnation of crimson pearl fairy grass, entrusted to the world, and also loved by someone on that day. Also learn from Dai jade’s mournful and delicate appearance, like a weak willow rising from the wind and holding her heart in tears.. However, Yu’s extroverted personality, Xi Xi ha ha in all things, and Dai Yu’s delicate 11 / 2, has been denounced as a monster by others.. I have also made up my mind to cut off such plot and be frank and sincere in the world. I am sad and painful.! Looking at this book, I felt relaxed and happy. I forgot everything. I liked what Dai – yu liked and worried about what Dai – yu was worried about.. Dai – yu and I, I and Dai – yu, wrote poems and chants, buried flowers in spring, inscribed poems in the old handkerchief, burned manuscripts and died . Ah, forget it. Alas, Nanke woke up in a dream and began to feel that life was too short. Why did he moan without illness and hurt spring and autumn??     Think of Yu Naixin’s women. Dai Yu, though transcendent, fresh and elegant, will not be able to control her own destiny. Why should she learn from Dai Mei’s frowns and melancholy tactfully?. Cao Gong wrote this book, since it is difficult to foresee the next hundred years. For example, Dai Yu’s pure women have also honed the undercurrent of society and become the mainstay of society. Who will not eat the fireworks of the world?? Think that treasure chai’s person in the book should be the strong hand of the female middle school at the moment, able to observe the color of words, and be flattered. when something goes wrong, it doesn’t take into account the friendship of the past, but it is euphemistically called ” taking into account the overall situation.”! More than lament this kind of person’s strong, self-conscious and difficult, so all things can’t go well. He cooled down his heart of striving for strength and winning, but he was cool and had a good harvest.. Think of the beauty smile, or strategize, winning thousands of miles; Or magnificently, opine; Or in the hall, xiangfujiaozi; Or sing and dance, looking back on dark days. All this is really what the profession needs . Ah, the poor are all in one’s mouth, and the world’s big view is also. How heroic the woman is! She won’t let her eyebrows hold half of the sky, turning her hands over to cover her hands with clouds and rain will definitely be turned upside down and the sun and moon will rotate..     Yu Lian Xi Shi puzzled Wu Wang’s free and easy attitude, Wang Qiang’s strong affinity to the Western Regions, Mulan’s heroic military service on behalf of her father, Yi ‘an’s sadness and sadness, and her sadness of not hating her …… If she can’t learn half a cent and half a cent, she should also do her best to serve her country, such as the candle turning into ashes and tears, such as and the silk-worms of spring will weave until they die..     More than into the world of mortals, crazy love like a dream! Qu Yuan’s Persistence” There is a long way to go for Xiu Yuan, and I will go up and down to seek’; Fan Xiwen’s ambition” to be worried about the world first, and happy about the world after”, Li Yi ‘an’s grandiloquence” to live as a hero and die as a ghost male” is our motto, which should be sounded with alarm …… Ah Yu Haozi, lotus in autumn is greeted by frost and bursts into laughter, proudly standing up to the world of mortals and enjoying itself alone.. Light look at the secular world, clean body from the good. Following Tao Gong’s example,’ build house is in human condition without horses and chariots.. Ask jun he nener, the heart is far away from the side. The legacy of independence. Who enters the world of mortals but does not enter the world of mortals, both when entering the world of mortals like lotus leaves the silt but does not dye, and holds a pure nature!!