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I’m coming. Where are you?

After the road you walked, you went to the place where we used to go together. From the original did not dare to go to the last to return to light again. They said that the most beautiful night scene in Guangzhou is the night scene in Pearl River New Town, which has just hit the lighting festival and is simply beautiful. I walked in the crowd, watching couples in pairs holding hands and enjoying the beautiful lights! The lights are colorful and shining. It’s really beautiful! Looking at the happiness on their faces, they were suddenly envious! This city, the city where I study, work and live, has been raising me for five years. I miss more than five years that we all went to school in the same city before. Although we have never met, we all know that not disturbing is the last blessing.. After graduating from high school, I began to come to the city where the dream began – university, which started many difficult times. university time was still very carefree. this is probably my most indulgent moment, and this is also the most regrettable moment. in my best youth, I did not have the courage to contact you.! After more than two years in school, I worked very hard to get the certificate first and complete my studies ahead of schedule. The rest of my time is just for fun and fun, just to forget you. People say it takes only one second to remember a person, and it may take a lifetime to forget a person.. We all studied in different schools, different majors and lived different lives in this city. We wanted to contact each other but we didn’t have any contact. I think even if we did have contact at that time, I think the result is the same as it is now.. Guan Haoyu and Li Ling still love each other after they separate, but they can’t be together. You began to wonder why people who love each other can’t be together.? In fact, up to now I have no solution, so give the answer to time. I believe time can explain everything. The scenery along the Pearl River is more beautiful, blowing the wind, looking at the distance, suddenly relaxed, working too much at ordinary times, living too fast, and it is too late to stop and slowly appreciate this charming night scene.. I like watching the sunrise and sunset, more like watching the stars all over the sky and looking up at the stars at 45 degrees. I’m here. Where are you?? The beautiful night, recalled the deep past. The last thing I love for you is to let go of my hand. I also tried hard to forget you. I once indulged myself in work and became thinner and thinner.. At that time, I never gave myself free time. I was afraid of being alone in the dead of night, because I couldn’t help thinking about you and the past.! I think this year is my worst year, and the love affair at the mall is unpopular. A lot of bad luck came down on me, and I wanted to ask why it was so bad. Later, I wanted to understand what it was like for a young man to experience some ups and downs, and what’s more, I didn’t have anything. What about losing?? Then, I started making money very hard, living very hard, improving myself very hard and changing myself very hard.. The past is over, the past is over. The favorite rascal rabbit is still with me, but it is nothing more. it can no longer be the favorite of Mr and Mrs Jane. Li Ling and Guan Haoyu are the incarnations of Mr. and Mrs. Jane, but . Ah, they are all over, loved and can only be each other’s hearts? Once a warm color, never regret it. Even if it is sad, even if there are more than enough, it is impossible to go there again. Goodbye! Have you ever seen each other again! Mei Garden at the Foot of Baiyun Mountain!