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Hurt chrysanthemum

Now I can’t help but feel sad to see that the chrysanthemum which was originally pardoned has slowly lost its graceful charm in the past under the ravages of winter.. Seeing that every day there are always those rose petals floating with chrysanthemums, pieces of petals being blown off by the hateful cold wind, and countless fallen flowers quietly floating on the terrace, I can’t help feeling deeply sorry for them.. Regret that this flower is willing to do its best to bloom its beauty, even to end its life. How helpless it felt to see it wither away and unable to keep its hurried footsteps. What makes me heartache more is that today this abominable sky-high snowfall is pressing the chrysanthemum that has been suffering from the cold wind and rain more and more hard than it can lift its head.. Seeing that the flower that once bloomed for me suffered such devastation, I could not help but lovingly stretch out my hand to wipe out the snow lump that had fallen on it.. Wiping it, I accidentally wiped off a chrysanthemum flower that couldn’t hang on the branches. My nose was sore and my eyes were red at the sight, shedding heartache tears for my beloved flower.. See this was so beautiful in the past, now under the devastation of the bitter wind and rain and the heavy snow, it has become weak and lost its former elegant demeanour.. I can’t help thinking of the short life and the merciless years. Each kind of life is extremely prosperous and decaying, just like this fading chrysanthemum, no one can escape. Compared with nature, all life is so weak and won.. In this case, we cannot extend the length of life, but we can expand the width of life indefinitely. We can still live our limited life in bright colors. Just like my beloved chrysanthemum, I want to blossom all the beauty before withering and leave its most beautiful to the world.. Even so, in the face of this chrysanthemum falling in pieces, the sadness in my heart still cannot be waved away.[ Responsibility Editor: If Rain[ Original ]