By - 管理


I missed a lot. I was always sad alone.     Why would I suddenly be silent among a large group of friends, and why would I be sad to see a similar figure in the crowd? Why did I forget to speak when I saw the trees fall off their leaves in the fall, and forget my original direction when I saw the warm yellow lights on the road getting late … ah, like the past, sad memories, ruthlessly broke my wings. Every time the night comes, I close my eyes before Ann because I am afraid of myself alone in the night. First, when someone wants to talk to me, I use silence as a cover. In the face of my pretended strangers, friends and people all leave me one after another.. So, I only kept loneliness hidden in my heart, wiping tears in my eyes once and again on the night of the first starlight fall.. I know I am wrong, but I don’t know why I still insist on it … Ah, however, the memory of youth pain is like a drop of water in the palm of my hand, no matter how tightly I hold it, it will still overflow slowly and evoke sadness in my heart.. So, I was used to looking up at the stars in the sky. However, when the blue tour was wonderful, tears had already soaked my eyes. This wonderful thing I realized that the sky was blue so sad because it was loved, and youth grew so deep because it was painful … Ah, from then on, I tried to say the most words on the first day, although I didn’t like to say them. I try my best to smile at everyone to be right. How can I be afraid that I don’t like smiling. There are some things that I know I’m reluctant to insist on because at least it’s not wrong … Ah, everyone around me is gradually saying that my life is so happy, so slowly I think what I’m really happy is to hide my sadness and smile at everyone … Ah, blow away all the sadness that has fallen like snow in my life, like the wings of a butterfly flying over the dry sea of hearts.. Life is a passer – by, trekking through nothingness … Ah, I have lost a lot, but I am still so happy.