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Give yourself a third of your time

If I divide my life into three sections, I hope the last section will completely belong to me. People do not belong to themselves from the day they were born. We live for parents from childhood to adulthood.. Live for children after marriage. Until we get old, we are still in the middle of it. If life is only for individuals, then I can choose freely. I can choose not to get married and indulge myself. I can disregard the feelings of my relatives. Unfortunately, I can’t, because such behavior is unfilial to others, so I don’t have a choice. People are the most authoritative animals in the animal kingdom, but they seem to have many choices and often can’t help themselves.. No matter what the future holds, you must still choose a path to follow, which is also a response to your loved ones.. Even if you are so helpless, you can only convince yourself. Just to follow the wishes of relatives. I used to feel how strong my heart was, how steadfast it was, how hard-hearted it was, how hard it was for heaven and earth to tolerate.. How determined. After all, it does not reach the dissolution of time. I deeply felt that I did not live for myself after all. I could not do such a thing. However, I also hate myself so easily conquered by the secular world. Then began to help themselves. In fact, a person’s life is very short. There is no definite time limit. Every day is an unknown, and every day will be forever. In this vast universe, every kind of life has its own life and its value, whether it is willing to live a life or not. If life is divided into three sections, I hope the last section will completely belong to myself, not for parents, not for marriage and children, but only for myself. I hope I can have a place that only belongs to me to protect myself from the wind and rain, a garden full of favorite vegetables, a few ducks, a few rabbits, and a flower cat chasing Hua Hudie to loose in the wind.. Wake up in the bird’s cry every morning and then go to sleep in the silent night. Watch out for vigor and vitality to fall, clouds to roll up and clouds to relax, flowers to bloom and flowers to fall, and seasons to change.. Don’t smell the traffic, don’t worry about the world, no matter whether others live well or not. Such a cool life finally became my dream