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First attempt to write a novel

In my spare time, I sit in front of the computer almost every night, tapping the keyboard while listening to music, and have written thousands of essays and essays one after another.. I really want to travel again and try to write novels, but for me, this is a forbidden area that I have never set foot in..   I don’t have any academic qualifications, nor have I studied any writing. I studied hard during the Cultural Revolution’ Ten Years of Cold Windows’, but I regret that I graduated from high school after less than half a year of reading.. It seems silly to write a novel, and I don’t know ” little to little” and overreached.. However, on a whim, I racked my brains to do it and wrote the first work to participate in the gunfire rang regulations.   Everyone has the first time, the first time is beautiful. In fact, I remember when I was still studying in Baiguan Lixin Primary School, when I read the novel about participating in the Island Women’s Militia Regulations after class, my heart yearned for it and dreamed that I would one day be able to hold a pen in battle..   All those engaged in writing know that the literary world is somewhat mysterious.   In my mind, prose is like a flower. Writing prose requires inspiration and inspiration to write prose as beautiful as flowers and pure as jade.. Poetry is like a picture. Writing poetry requires passion. Passion can hold the soul of poetry. The novel is like a mountain and a river, it is a spiritual soul. Writing a novel requires skill. Only by mastering the skill can you write freely and control the whole story.   Some people say that writing a novel requires certain skills and style of writing. First, the main means of reflecting or expressing life is to create characters. Second, there are relatively complete and vivid plots. Third, there are specific and typical environmental descriptions. Therefore, the characters, plot and environment are called’ the three elements of the novel’. The phoenix head, pork belly and leopard tail are called trilogy of the plot of the novel.   Unfortunately, I don’t know anything about it. The bill I wrote to participate in the gunfire rang out was just a random one according to my own wishful thinking.. The great case that happened in Shangyu was described once and then labeled as a documentary novel..   Although I know that my writing lacks sense of movement, has no ups and downs, and has no detailed description of the psychology of the characters.. Moreover, my writing ability is far from enough, and I can’t reach the height I expected. But I still fell in love with the feeling of intense concentration and indulgence when I was writing a novel.   Every time I wake up in a quiet and dreamy night, most of the people in my family fall asleep, and I will start writing like a night fairy.. Tired, he put down his pen, stretched out his tired arm, got up and walked under the balcony window, and brushed the cool wind blowing out of the window. I hurried back to the table when my mind was clear and inspiration came.   My documentary novel took part in the bill on the sound of gunfire, and finally published one after another in’ red sleeves add fragrance’ and’ prose online’. Of course, I don’t care if I write well or badly? Nor will they care about the number of readers? Now I’m just practicing my pen!   Everyone has their own fun. My ultimate goal is to write two books, the ” Twelve Gold Women Regulations” and the ” Hotel Ranking Regulations” that I have experienced in my life, so that I can wave my pen in the future..   This is the first time I have tried to write a novel. Although it was a bit messy and not well written, I have tried my best! White and black characters came out, and I hope everyone can criticize and teach more! I will constantly revise it until I can adapt it to a TV script. I also believe that I will be able to write wonderful novels with novel themes in the future … ah