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Educated youth literature salon – home of attachment

– The regulations commemorating the 8th anniversary of Xiamen Educated Youth Literature Salon have reflected that Xiamen Educated Youth Literature Salon has gone through eight years since it was formally established in July 30, 2006, and its achievements are obvious to all. As Xie Chunchi said, Xiamen Educated Youth Literature Salon was only a small tree eight years ago and can now be called a big tree of literature.. It is like the phoenix tree or mango tree in Xiamen, which blooms several times and bears fruit several times, and it will continue to blossom and bear fruit..     On the afternoon of July 27, 2014, a special forum entitled ” Participation in Free Sea Breeze Regulations” was held to commemorate the 8th Anniversary of Xiamen Educated Youth Literature Salon at the Bashan Hotel in Xiamen, where 68 – year – old members and friends of Xiamen Educated Youth Literature Salon gathered together and had a good time together.     At about 4: 00 p.m., the forum officially started. The meeting was presided over by Wang Xiaoqiang and Zhong Yuqin. After Wang Xiaoqiang’s opening remarks, the host Zhong Yuqin first asked the six new members who joined this year to introduce themselves ( including my good friend Chang’s brother and the familiar Mr. Chang Huailong ). After their enthusiastic confession, the forum held the second important agenda: let everyone express their personal comments on the’ eighth anniversary of the establishment of the literary salon’. The host asked every comrade present to speak actively, because many people were afraid of not having enough time and limited the number of words in the speech to less than 50 words ( including punctuation ), which had already been arranged before the meeting.. Even so, there were also ” playing cards” that did not follow the ( 50 – word ) rule. At that time, Sister Chen Mei – ther talked the most because she was an old-timers ( one of the founders ) of the literary salon. She was deeply touched and could hardly express her heart’s words and talked about the rise. She seemed to ” brake” several times but failed to stop. The people below were a bit anxious. Some people gesticulated ( rotating right-handed fingers to the right ) to turn off the tap. Unfortunately, she did not even notice it, and still gushed..     The symposium continued in a warm atmosphere, with everyone expressing their feelings and experiences after attending the educated youth literature salon, in the most refined words.. From everyone’s words, we can see how grateful we are for the establishment of the educated youth literature salon! How attached to this home!     Presentations at the symposium were colourful! There are not only words but also gestures. When Ms. Qing Guoying was ” speaking” in front of the stage, she said that her hands were also gestures, making a beautiful appearance ( appearance ) to the camera, which won applause from everyone and cheered repeatedly.!     After the symposium, all the participants took photos together in front of the Bashan Hotel. In the evening, they had dinner in the hotel restaurant and raised glasses frequently to spend the good night together..     When it comes to my participation in the Xiamen Educated Youth Literature Salon, it is also a matter of fate. I took part in the Xiamen Educated Youth Literature Salon hosted by Xie Chunchi in March 2011 due to the introduction of Chen Xiuqin, an educated youth from the countryside and elder sister of the brigade.. I heard about Xie Chunchi when I went to the countryside. In fact, I also came to attend the literary salon..     It has been more than three years since I joined the salon. The activity day of the literary salon is the last Sunday afternoon of each month, and I basically strive to participate in every activity day ( unless I can’t come unless something happens ). I always feel that I have something to gain after each participation. I also began to write and contribute enthusiastically under the influence of the literary salon..     The Xiamen Educated Youth Literature Newspaper, the Convention on Biological Diversity, the Xiamen Educated Youth Reading Newspaper, the Convention on Biological Diversity, the Xiamen Educated Youth Art Newspaper, the Convention on Biological Diversity, the old three-year newsletter, the Convention on Biological Diversity, the Xiamen Educated Youth Poetry Newspaper Regulations and other publications, which I read almost every issue, can see many well-written articles in these newspapers. You can also see that some articles, though not carved, are sincere and touching. This is the ideal place for educated youth to express their feelings. They are satisfied to see their articles published and realize their wish of being a’ little writer’. Here is a pure land of literature, where there is no temptation of money. There is no pursuit of power and interests, but only a feeling of life. Tracing the Way of Educated Youth.     I have also published dozens of articles in several newspapers and magazines of Xiamen educated youth, and editors of several educated youth publications have all supported my articles, not only helping to edit and revise the articles, but also making my articles published as soon as possible.. I am very grateful to teacher Xie Chunchi for his help and support over the past few years. At the same time, I also want to thank Chen Mengrong, Chen Xiuqin, Gao Renwan, Xu Yonghui, Chen Mercer, Jiang Caiwei, Lin Fuhai, Jiang Xinxing, Lin Jinzhen and other editors for their understanding and support to me. In addition, I also want to thank Zheng Wenkuan, who participated in the Xiamen Educated Youth Regulations website, for their strong support. It is with everyone’s help that I can improve my writing level..     Xiamen educated youth literature salon is the ideal world for us educated youth literature lovers and the home of attachment! In this home, over the past eight years, many people have worked hard and achieved fruitful results, producing dozens of books, and even the literary world has looked up and taken notice.! In this home, over the past eight years, the literary salon has attracted countless educated youth, one batch after another, cultivating one batch after another, leaving behind by the waves – a persistent attachment to the educated youth culture. It is a kind of love for educated youth’s home!     On the occasion of commemorating the 8th anniversary of Xiamen Educated Youth Literature Salon, I sincerely hope that Xiamen Educated Youth Literature Salon will do its best and work hard! Educated youth lovers of literature!     Finally, I will enclose my speech at the seminar on regulations to commemorate the 8th anniversary of Xiamen Educated Youth Literature Salon as a conclusion.     Through the years of rivers, learning from the sea and picking up shells; Through the time and space of memory, words remain fragrant. To meet friends with pen and nourish the heart with text; Watching the flowers bloom and fall, looking at the clouds and rolling clouds..     Note: On the 8th anniversary of Xiamen Educated Youth Literature Salon, every member of the literature Salon is required to write a speech with unlimited style and content, but limited to 50 words ( with punctuation marks ).     August 28, 2014