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Don’t cry, okay

People will inevitably encounter injustice, when you try very hard to hold back the tears swirling in your eyes, you will be said by one person: ” Don’t cry, will you?”? ‘ and tears welled up. In such a short sentence, the grievance and vulnerability you hide suddenly disintegrated. An understanding, an understanding, can melt ice and snow and warm the cold heart.   Sometimes I keep talking, but I don’t seem to know what I’m talking about, as if my heart has broken away. Even if I say thousands of words, I still feel lonely and lonely..   When we were young, when we were wronged and sad, we would cry without scruple. A hug from our parents, a candy and a toy can stop our tears..   When we grow up, we learn to hide the humbling, even though our heart is bleeding, our face is still smiling stiffly..   I don’t know since when, we have changed, no longer telling our worries everywhere, and hiding a lot of secrets in our hearts. The invisible distance is created between people.   I often wonder why this is so? Once upon a time, we were telling, showing our frailty, pouring out our secrets and shedding our tears.. Only to find that what you said was emotional and that others had no intention of listening to it. You have to tell your secret from your heart and lungs and get others to preach it like a joke.. People scoff at your painful tears and deeply despise them.   Not don’t want to tell, just look around for a week, can’t find a person to talk to him.   Not afraid of loneliness, afraid of saying too much, is deeper loneliness.   Not don’t want to cry, afraid of crying more helpless.   Slowly, we often face all alone and become extremely strong. A person’s loneliness, a person’s loneliness.   A person who has been strong for too long may be very fragile. People’s emotions always need to be released.. A lonely heart needs support, warmth and strength. A casual word of care will cause tears to slide down. He suddenly and violently missed all his disguise.   I often think how happy and sweet it is for a person to spoil himself, accompany himself and tolerate himself.. The heart is longing for a warm dependence.   Always be grateful, the moment when your loving eyes shine into my eyes, let me put down all my uneasiness, the warmth you gave me, I always remember.   I know that I am very fragile, and from the moment we met, I was even more afraid of facing separation.   Love a person just wants to hold hands with him, watch the sunrise and watch the sunset. The two men grew old slowly and helped each other with each other, making a long stream of water.. Often the most wanted to get the most rare. The most loved ones often hold hands with others until they reach old age. Life often makes fun of us.   The saddest thing is that when I love you, you are dodging. When you love me again, you have no right to love. Falling apart is always a sigh. Afraid to see your eyes again, afraid to see your figure again, afraid to hold someone else’s hand, afraid to care about you again. Afraid you will tell me not to cry when I am weak, making my tears more uncontrollable. Camouflage of the strong in that moment completely burst its banks.   Don’t cry, will you? ‘ I will always remember this sentence, how much I care about and how much I love in it. I don’t want to ask, understand, warm in my heart, it’s already a thousand words. I don’t want to cry, but I will cry for this sentence.   I want to use your words” don’t cry, ok? Give yourself comfort, and you will always remember the warmth you gave, which has been spreading in your heart. As long as there is warmth of love in the heart, more sunshine and less sadness, in the face of changes in human feelings, flowers bloom, can dry tears and laugh at life. Flowers bloom, flowers fall and let go. Long life, give yourself a warm, live a heroic . Ah