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Cuckoo birds chirping in the mountains and still can’t hear frogs in the fields. People wearing coir clothes hurried on in the mountains, while birds with wet feathers were waiting for the warm sun to bake in the branches..     The sunny day did not arrive as promised. Heavy fog blocked the mountain road and the river. One afternoon, life was confused by time..     The cuckoo chose to hibernate. It was only an ordinary road from winter to spring, but today, no one wants to belong to it.     The wind came from far away places, and no one was waiting at the docks and ferries.. Willow color is not new, charming warbler does not crow, living dream has no road-side pavilion.     A river runs from west to east, a piece of water faces south to north, and a story goes from ancient times to the present, and a grudge goes on and off..     There is no sky street like a crisp drizzle, no human peach blossom still exists. Luoyang Tower, Wu Meiniang Stretchs Sleeves; Jiangnan city, willow smoke shy bow. On the way to Zhou Lang’s march, horses and boats kept going and going.     How much love and hate are there in this world? Is there anyone thinner than flowers in this world? On the fireworks river, Bai Juyi saw spring water like blue. On the banks of the Liujiang River, Liu Zongyuan witnessed the Jiuqu ileum. In Chushan, which is surrounded by mountains on all sides, Ouyang Xiu was down and out and drunk at Weng Ting. In the dilapidated Du Fu thatched cottage, Du Zimei lamented the rolling of the Yangtze River.. The cuckoo bird is an undead spirit and can leave its name in the simplest voice for a lifetime..     This is the state and Jianghu. Many mists, things are different. Flowers and weeds look forward to spring, dreams and happiness yearn for longevity. Mature people are afraid of aging. Ignorant teenagers spend their days like years.     The spring breeze may be warm, the drizzle may be warm, and the wind and sunshine may be mixed, but this is not what I should care about. On this afternoon when cuckoo sounds, I still chose to travel..