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A dollar of love

There was nothing wrong with the unit that day. I left a little early. When I came to the station and saw a large group of students in a nearby primary school, I frowned and said to myself, ” Alas, I have to stand for half a day again today.”. When I got on the bus, I happened to see the conductor and a chubby boy of about 10 asking for money: ” You don’t have any money on your IC card. Borrow it from your classmates.”! You see the tickets have been torn off. I can’t repay them today! ‘ The little boy asked all the people he knew and didn’t borrow a dollar. Seeing this, I quickly handed over one yuan of money: ” I’ll pad it for you first, and return it to me when I meet you later, ok?”? He raised his head and gave me a grateful look: ” Aunt, my name is Wang Peng, and I will repay you as soon as possible.”! ‘ and greet his classmates, make room for me. My heart was warm: ” This boy still has conscience and knows how to be grateful.”! ‘ After a few days because the unit was busy, I left very late and soon forgot about it. It was a Friday. I went out on business and met him again. He hurriedly took out one yuan to buy me a ticket, and I quickly took out another yuan and handed it to him: ” Li Qun stands down.”. ‘ He well, stood up and said to me, ” Aunt, sit down. I’ll be down in a minute.”. I glanced at his seat and didn’t sit: ” aunt carsick, sitting in the back is uncomfortable, thank you! After meeting him occasionally, he always sat in the seat next to the driver, and when he saw me coming, he insisted that I sit down, and then stood beside me holding the railing, smiling. As you can imagine, every time the school bell rings after that day, he must be the first one to rush out of the school gate to occupy this seat for me.. Thought of here, my in the mind a hot: ” It is really rare to have this kind of idea at an early age. How can I bear this deep friendship?”? So I took off the key chain and decided to give it to him. This is a miniature mobile phone – style trinket, and then I fell in his ear and quietly said to him, ” This is for you, I won’t be allowed to take up my seat in the future, or my aunt will ignore you.”. If you study hard and go to the ideal university, I will send you a real mobile phone, which is a secret between us, ok? He gave me a look and nodded heavily. I patted him on the shoulder, relieved, and thought that I had been remembered by such a primary school student for a while.. The parents who can cultivate such a loving child must also be kind. I believe he will try his best to do everything he can when he grows up.. Because he knows love, he will not let his parents down or feel sad, so he will work diligently and sincerely. Because he knows love, he will give love in due course, and the opposite side of love is love, so his future life will surely meet like-minded and sincere friends. Because he knows love, he will surely find his other half with his eyes and help each other to lead his life together. With love, friendship and affection, he will surely have a beautiful life, and I bless him silently in my heart: I hope he can accomplish everything he wants!     The wind fluttered in front of my eyes with fallen leaves, and my face felt a chill. In this bleak autumn, I gained a dollar of love. The warmth she brought me will accompany me every rainy and cold day in the future, so that I have enough courage to surmount all the frustrations and sufferings brought to me by life and watch happiness in the sunshine.!