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"Jane Eyre" original literary giants such as British manuscripts on display in Shanghai

Charlotte Bronte "Jane Eyre" Original。  Wang Ji rare photo collections from the British Library the exhibition, including Bronte's "Jane Eyre" Original, Dickens' Pickwick Papers, "the five originals, Eliot's" good old cat dress up by "draft, Shelley" to Byron sonnet "manuscripts and discussed Lawrence novel" rainbow "letter。
Which is much reader attention, "Jane Eyre" manuscript written by the Bronte personally, writing clear and clean, can be found in the final chapter of the famous classic novel "Readers from an exhibition, I married he"。
  British curator Alexandra Ott said, there is nothing more exciting than seeing first-hand the original manuscript, "whether it is meticulous Charlotte Bronte manuscript, or Charles Dickens in a hurry and messy draft, they have demonstrated writers distinct creative way。 Very pleased with the preparations for the Shanghai Library of experts and scholars in this exhibition show for the millions of readers of these well-known Chinese author and poet。

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