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I can’t get out of autumn

I couldn’t get out of the autumn script / Wang Yumei ( I ) ) and was amazed at the beauty of autumn because of a group of photos taken in the mountains in autumn.     The moment the photo was magnified on the computer, I immediately felt the beauty of autumn scenery, and I was raised to the atmosphere and composed by life.. Without the heavy humidity in summer, the mountains in black and blue are becoming more and more clear in outline, bright in color and distant in meaning. The trees in the mountain, or green to drip, are as thorough as water washing, or the torch is held aloft with passion, or yellow, and the wind blows like butterflies. The top of the mountain touched the sky, and the sky was blue as a lake. I was standing on the grass under my feet. The grass was clear in mind and was going deep into a sleep that was turning from green to yellow.. How long does the grass sleep, and what themes they will show in their sleep, I don’t know, the wind doesn’t know, the mountains don’t know, but, I believe, autumn will know.     I went deep into myself in autumn scenery, looked at Ming Che, and was happy and peaceful. Heaven, clouds, mountains, trees and grass made the most elaborate collocation with the most heavy colors, then showed the most simple sincerity and created the most refined peace for me.. Once this calm has been given to me, it is tantamount to giving me the world that I have been deeply involved in and to my relatives who are closely related to me..     Those who have experienced life must know the value and significance of peace for a happy life. There are many times when the beautiful depth of field in life comes from quiet taste. Calm can nourish wisdom and cultivate temperament. Those feeling cells that are losing their function gradually in the world of distractions will spread out the most subtle parts in calm, face the sky and white clouds, collect those primitive and simple pleasures, and return a most grateful smile to nature..     The level and aesthetic feeling of autumn are clear in such a smile.     The shake of my heart also made the same ripple with this smile..     At the moment when the canthus was wet, I gave the longest hug with autumn for the first time..     ( 2 ) A few photos have surprised me with the beauty of autumn. They really correspond to the ancient poem’ Not knowing the true face of Lushan Mountain, only being in the middle of it’. Once I walk out of Lushan Mountain and look at Lushan Mountain again, I will find that I already have the third eye to see Lushan Mountain..     For example, at that moment, I looked at my mother’s garden in autumn with ecstasy.     In the corner of the mother’s small garden, several high-spirited dandelion flowers are reserved, sending the most gorgeous colors to the center of autumn. Everyone knows that before long, dreams will float out of the flower heart one after another, one after another, in all directions beyond our sight, one after another, to places we are familiar with or unfamiliar with.. With the withering of the flower heart, autumn is being pulled longer and longer and deeper. Is this small umbrella of dandelion flying one by one a hurried step in autumn?? If this is the case, then the howling wind must have been the whistle when he stepped, but where are his long arms and deep eyes?     At the center of the mother’s small vegetable garden was a piece of withered bean sprouts, and their withered stems and leaves, as well as the posture and expression of climbing on the seedling rack, were full of expressions and laments.. Imagine that all summer, these green bean sprouts were in spirit, sending fresh and delicious bean sprouts to the cooking stoves in the neighboring homes and to the cooking stoves of my friends and myself dozens of miles away, with the color being fried more and more delicate by boiling oil, and the fragrance trickling into the restaurant from the kitchen glass or into the streets from the kitchen window, luring taste buds and breeding desires.. Experience is nutrition and blood, and the withered and yellow leaves and loose skeleton of bean sprouts seem to suddenly glow with vitality, as if our elderly grandmother suddenly became soft and full of thought-provoking glints due to an occasionally touched topic related to love..     No matter when, the aftertaste related to love is always the youngest cosmetics. Because at that time, there will be a real rhythm and jump in the heart. This jump will transcend time and space, let you embrace your long-lost self, and let you meet your young self..     And all this will happen in the light autumn.     ( 3 ) Then, in autumn, try to adjust your mood and meet your young self..     Don’t grieve over the present decline. Because, in autumn, every plant is making the most solemn farewell to the vigorous past with the quietest curtain call. Don’t think this farewell is an end, it is actually an eternal beginning.     Please remember this silent curtain call. Because the most precious moment in the world is always quiet. In the world, no power is greater than silence, no tenderness is equal to silence. Silence is a flower that stretches outward from itself. Each petal points to the beauty of the unknown and symbolizes the value of the past years..     And autumn is the most grand background of calm. After a romantic encounter, mutual understanding and love, and a spring and summer of emotional ups and downs, should we calm down and face the blue sky in autumn, bathe in the cool breeze in autumn, and outline a vision of living together quietly??     In the dry reed pond, a lush reed. Deep in the reeds, wild flowers are in profusion, wild ducks chirp, and under the scorching sun, who is holding whose hand, galloping through the boundless reed pond, forgetting wild flowers in spring on the soles of their feet and wild ducks making love on the top of their heads?     Outside the fishing island, the kiss marks between the beach and the desert are the most solid and perfect combination and cutting of light and shadow. On a big sandbag, whose laughter is chasing the clouds on the sandbag, and whose laughter is chasing the clouds’ laughter? At the time of the unity of laughter, which pair of eyes discovered the clear spring under the sandbag, and which voice made the promise to accompany this life in the posture of a scooping spring.?     . Ah, I find more and more that autumn has wrapped me deeply and I can no longer walk out of autumn completely..     Tonglian: Wang Yumei 066600, Changli County, Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province