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Han River Behind the House

The setting sun is setting, the blue waves are rising, the sails are pointing, the green water is against the blue sky, white clouds and green hills, and the poems written by old Ai Qing illustrate the color of Han River and mountain in front of me: Why do my eyes often contain tears because I love this piece of land under my feet?! . Ah, the Hanjiang River, also known as Hanshui, is 1532 kilometers long and the largest tributary of the Yangtze River.. The birthplace lies in the burial mountain of ningqiang county ( belonging to Hanzhong City, Shaanxi Province ) between Qinling Mountain and Micang Mountain in southwest Shaanxi Province, then crosses the cities of Hanzhong and Ankang in southern Shaanxi to the southeast, enters northwest Hubei, flows into Danjiang Reservoir through Shiyan, passes through Xiangfan and Jingmen, and joins the Yangtze River in Wuhan City. Watershed area FIFA TEEN. 10,000 square kilometers, involving 78 counties ( cities ) in 20 places ( cities ) of Hubei, Shaanxi, Henan, Sichuan, Chongqing and Gansu provinces and cities. It is a subtropical monsoon area with a mild and humid climate and 873mm annual precipitation, with abundant water.     Han River flows through my house. It is only natural to wait and see the Hanjiang River when you cool your clothes and bedding on the roof. All the rivers in the Han Dynasty are like our backyard, and the subtle changes all the year round can’t escape my sight..     The hard-working farmers around managed the fertile floodplain very well. When there is no increase in water, the beach on both sides of the strait is fertile land with thousands of miles of fertile fields. The four seasons are full of grains and rich offerings, and all the four seasons are full of waiting for the expected harvest..     During this period of time, the autumn rains poured into the river in a row, the Han river rose, the river was spacious and still calm, but the flow speed was much faster. It may be that the torrential rain washed up the upper reaches with soil, and the river in the main channel was muddy and yellow, totally not as blue and clear as usual.. A few sand mining boats went back and forth in the right direction. After the deep and vigorous whistle, everything was silent again.     Nearby, the formerly lush green floodplain land sank, the water where the crops were destroyed became dark green, the wind smelled of choking rotten straw, and piles of hay floated and rippled along half a cliff.. A few trees were soaking in the water, leaving only the crown of the tree exposed. There are two or three boats for catching fish and shrimps, and the moving boats are too small to sit down for two people.     After the rain, when the sun was clear and bright, the top of Tianma Cliff peaks filled with gauze – like mist, and if the mountain was splashed with light ink, it became black and blue.. Changhong lies on the Hanjiang River Bridge, where traffic flows like flying, while Wangjiang Building, an archaic building, is hidden in green trees..     On the other side of the river, the terrain was slightly higher. Han water filled up the gap between the grey and white river courses in the past, and the crops grew fat and strong.. Or white walls, or red brick houses mosaic among the dark green mountains, strewn at random.     Some of the floodplain in the upper reaches of the river were flooded, some of them were visibly exposed to the green plateau, and unknown birds occasionally chased for a while, hiding in the wetland after landing..     I stood on the roof every few days to watch the Hanjiang River. In the spring, the rape flowers spread all over the land, the yellow carpet spread to a long distance, and the green wheat fields dotted with green bedding. In the warm wind and the sun, the fragrance of flowers in the air caused bees to buzz around and sip nectar busily.. And swallows always linger in front of my eyes by accident, twittering in pairs, busy building nests, catching insects, making love and planning, and anxiously looking forward to the newborn swallows..     In summer, the Han River is different. Golden wheat waves and blue river water waves. ‘ Rice and Flowers Say Good Year, Listen to Frog Sound. There are countless frogs in the field playing the symphonies day and night, sometimes melodious and sometimes vigorous and continuous. Under the bright moonlight at night, the stars and moons on the river are shining brightly.. When the wind blows over the cool silk river, the heat disappears, and the fireflies will also be flashing their lamps and scurrying about in the fields..     In the bitter winter, the swirl of snow fell silently into the Han river, the banks of the river and the distant mountains were white, silver-clad and the fields were empty. only the Han river, which never froze, flowed quietly.. This is the thinnest time of the year for her, and the shrinking river surface makes people worry that it will stop flowing.. Because there is relatively little rain in winter, the cracks on the mudflats are like the wounds on the rough hands of old farmers. Large and small ships stranded in the middle of the streamlet – like river should rest in idle season. Groups of ducks float on the river, adding much excitement to the stagnant and monotonous river surface.     Occasionally there will be eagles flying like planes hovering at low altitude, gliding over the air with wings more than three feet wide, swooping down from the air like arrows in the blink of an eye, and then rising rapidly, clawing vaguely at a mass of black mass between claws, and the hare in the field has become its food filling the belly..     The year before last, when I was basking in the sun on the roof in winter, I saw egrets for the first time. They were white, fluffy, long pointed mouths, thin necks, long black legs and graceful as a noble Snow White.. Sometimes wandering in the wet grass, sometimes flying down in the shallow water of the river to peck at it. Between the dancing and dancing, there is a graceful appearance. I secretly counted 20 or so, rising to 50 or so last winter. The slightly improved figures are welcome after paying attention to environmental protection.     The Hanjiang River in calm weather is actually very much like Xizi girl of Huan Sha, who washes the delicate green gauze all day long in a weak and shy manner.. The east-flowing river caresses the shore, making a soft and melodious sound, and each vortex and each piece of gravel is entangled with a clear and complicated love affair..     The setting sun is setting, the waves are blue, the sails are pointed, the green water is against the blue sky, white clouds and green hills, and the poems written by old Ai Qing illustrate the color of Han River and mountain in front of me: why do I often have tears in my eyes because I love this piece of land under my feet! . Ah, October 25, 2008