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Fruits in wooden cases

The fruit in the wooden box has a saying that putting an apple in the bathroom can improve the air and the quality of life there.. The light and long sweet fragrance drifted in the years of high winds, from bedroom to kitchen, from living room to haunting dream. In the years when food is not enough and food is not good, what kind of long and sweet temptation should an apple be to children. At that time, my father bought apples, first chose those with internal injuries or skin diseases, cleaned them, peeled them and then ate them, leaving more to be stored in the red-jujube wooden box, locked and temporarily forgotten. I don’t remember what the reason was and what the prerequisite was. Anyway, my father said, eat an apple, and my brother and I ran over and stood beside the wooden case, looking at the tall father and unlocking the lid.. We who look up to the world suddenly smell the sweet fruit coming out of the overflowing box. The magic box is as full of sweet memories as it has been for more than 30 years. It still lingers on for a long time, but it is full – bodied, but it is also more sad about the broken family and why we can’t live a peaceful and even happy life. Our family can not be reunited on a regular basis, but also pay a heavy price for mother’s untimely death.. Apple, the sweet red fruit, was just on my tea table under my son’s hand. ‘ This is the reddest one. ‘ said the son. He picked up one, picked up another, and lined up in front of him. ‘ can you eat that only cut open first? ‘ I suggest. In the dream-like memory of an apple as a child, the father often took out only one apple and cut it into four slices, allowing us to taste it bit by bit, while the present son can eat the whole apple without worrying about what was shaved off in the dish.. I looked at the white face, glittering and translucent eyes, angel-like son, knowing that the moment he picked up a fresh fruit was my dream, my prayer, my treasure, and my human beauty. I remember the moment when he picked up the red fruit and told the parents all over the world to love their children, cherish their families and cherish their flesh-and-blood ties.. When a few classmates had dinner, friends picked up their classmates’ glasses and tried them on. The viewers all said, ” Who is like this? I turned to look at the praises of all the people. I saw the warm glow of winter through the landing window and sprinkled it on his nearly middle-aged but still handsome face.”. But I said, such a handsome face, unfortunately born in your face, I hit your face with a slap in the face.. The people thought that the joke was slightly surprised, but they could not show it. The friend heard what I said, did not refute it or make a gaffe, and still said that I was his best friend when we toasted at our neighbor’s table.. Our secret is that he has divorced, his family has broken up because of his extramarital affairs and his own mistakes, and their son is on the first day of the new year and has been re-stressed because of his poor studies.. The fruits of their family are not only not stored, but also not prepared at all. Today’s young sons have begun to become deep. If I were young, look and look in my eyes.. A few days ago, his wife bought a bag of red apples, put them in the bedroom, opened the mouth of the bag, and sure enough, the sweet taste spread out through the light and sad brewing in the room, floating up and spreading. You sniff, oh, if the home is a garden, there will be a light breeze and a bright dome light like a moon.. Yudi, who is far away from Beijing, also has such fruits. Remember to open the wooden box to taste the beautiful fruits. When I heard that I had a period of drinking too much and caused family conflicts, he said,’ elder brother, do you want to think about my nephew bo yuan! Yes, you can rest assured, Xiao Yu, we will cherish the present, cherish the old, but still with sweet memories, and will not also damage the red fruit.