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Father, seventy-four years old. Seventy – four years of wind and rain have left a deep imprint on his face, turning his back into a curved bow under the burden of decades of living.. Father has entered the late autumn of life, like a hay, swaying in the wind and rain of the years.. Father! Every time I see him, I feel sad to cry!     Father lost his father when he was young. When grandpa died, he was only nine years old and his aunt was seven years old. Listen to grandma said, that year, the Kuomintang captured young men and grandpa was taken away. Grandpa walked for three years without any news. Finally, grandpa became a burden because he was seriously ill, and he was put home. At home, grandpa died within a few days.     After grandpa’s death, grandma, fearing that her father and aunt would be wronged, never married. With the help of villagers, she brought up her father and aunt with painstaking care.. Children of the poor take charge early. At that time, grandma worked in the fields during the day, spinning flowers and weaving cloth at night, and was busy all day long.. Father looked after his aunt while cutting cattle grass, collecting firewood and cooking. At the age of 14, my father started ploughing cattle. The heavy harrow, young father can carry? The tall and strong cow, father can control? Can father afford the heavy and tiring work? Every time I listen to grandma talk about her father plowing the land, I see her bending over her spine, sweating and panting, all with tears of sadness..     Father, who was favored by villagers from an early age, has always thought about the good of others and has been seeking opportunities to repay them with a flood of cash.. He is easy-going and kind – hearted. Who has something in the village, he always does not invite himself to run east and west for his master, and does not hesitate to do his physical strength. Who in the village is in trouble? He has been generous and helpful. Father used to say that they were all village folks and should help each other.     My father worked steadfastly and never stole rape and played tricks and dealt with it perfunctorily.. For more than ten years before the reform and opening up, my father had been feeding cattle and ploughing fields to the production team. At that time, my father and I lived in the cattle house of the production team. Every morning at about three o’clock, my father got up dressed and began to feed the cows. He took the chopped wheat straw into the sieve, held the sieve in both hands, repeatedly stretched his arms and vigorously screened it. After sifting for a while, my father turned and stirred the grass with his hand and sifted it again until all the soil and sand in the grass had been sifted out before stopping. After the grass was sifted out, father rubbed the grass with both hands until it was very soft and looked carefully again. There was no iron nail or wire inside before it was put into the cow trough.. Father fed cattle for many years and never had a safety accident. The villagers praised him as a’ good handle’ for feeding cattle..     The father, who shouldered the heavy burden of the family prematurely, deeply realized how important the father was in the family and how important it was to the healthy growth of the children.. Therefore, he is very kind to our sisters, never scolding us and seldom letting us do heavy work.. He and his mother worked hard all the year round, saved and saved, fed and clothed us, read and read for us, and led a happy life in those bitter years..     In my memory, my father often took the cart to grandma’s house forty miles away, collecting firewood or logging to sell money and subsidizing household use. Every time my father went for six or seven days, my mother went to my grandmother’s house to pick him up. I also went to take over my father. He pulled the car and I pulled a little. Pull wood, afraid of forest management station confiscation, fines, are pulled at night.     One afternoon in the winter when I was eleven, my father installed purlins and rafters early and covered them with firewood. After the sun set, my father and I went on the road.     We walked more than ten miles up the mountain road and on the highway, people had already eaten dinner and some had already slept. The moon is like a village woman full of sorrow, walking alone in thin clouds. Sparse stars, flickering in the clouds, gleam like grandma’s cloudy and sad eyes.. My father and I struggled to walk. The road is quiet.Occasionally a car sped by, and the loud horn broke the silence of the night.. Wind, waves, through the grass layer on the side of the road, makes a rustling sound, making the already gloomy night even more gloomy and terrible.. I dare not look up and look around, bow my body and pull a little hard. My forehead was full of sweat and sweat.     On the way, we should climb over a mountain ridge. This mountain ridge, which forms an angle of nearly 50 degrees, is the biggest obstacle on our road. In order to save enough strength to climb the mountain, we have to rest for a while on the side of the road under the mountain every time.. Then, walking the ” S” type route, it is difficult to pull up. My father and I did our best to stick our bodies to the road, rustling back at our feet many times, and constantly saying ” alas alas alas” in our mouths.. Climbing up the steep slope, my father and I were so tired that our waist was like rotten wood and our legs were like slivers that we gasped and slumped to the ground.. I lay in the grass on the side of the road, resting my head on my father’s lap, silently looking at the moon in the sky. The moon is round, like a big baked cake, moving slowly through the clouds. I thought of the old song and whispered, ” The moon is gone, so am I. I will drive animals to the moon, drink rice wine, eat beef and pick pomegranates after opening the door.”.     I sang and could not help sobbing. My father kept silent, wiped my tears with his rough hand, pulled me into his arms and tightly held my head. His face is against my face, and our tears mingle and drip freely on his face … Ah, father who has suffered no cultural hardships since childhood, is determined to send our sisters to school even if it is difficult.. But at that time, as the eldest sister, she loved her parents so much that she couldn’t get up to the third grade.. My younger brother was frail and often fell ill in the first grade and dropped out of school.. My sister is young and not of school age. My parents pinned their hopes on me. I was born dull, but I studied hard and could make up for my weakness by hard work. In 1985, I was admitted to Nanyang Second Division. When I returned home with the admission notice, my father, nearly half a century old, was dancing and shouting in the yard with both hands holding the notice.. My mother and I looked at my father silently, with the ups and downs in our hearts. Yeah! I am a tree in my father’s heart. My father always hopes me to grow up and become a useful person in his dreams.! Why is he not happy when he finally gets his wish today?     In order for me to enter the school in a dignified manner, my father lent me a loan to buy a watch and leather shoes, and the central government made me a small wooden box.. I entered the school on the volleyball court, but my family owed me 120 yuan in loans. One hundred and twenty yuan was an astronomical figure for my family at that time. In order to repay the loan and complete my studies, my father did not know how many times he went to the mountain.. The long road, heavy car, dark night . my father’s curved back and dripping sweat . have been burning my heart like fire for decades!     Of our four sisters, the father who gave the most was the younger brother. My brother is not in good health and has no knowledge. He is honest with me.. More worrying to his father is that his brother’s left eye was burned with lime during a job. Although he had an operation, he still had a piece of flesh on his eyes, dark red, which seriously affected his eyesight, image and even marriage.. After his father broke his heart for his brother’s marriage and built a new house for him, he asked the matchmaker to introduce him everywhere. As the younger brother gradually stepped into the older age, the father became more and more anxious.. Every night, he squatted under the jujube tree in the yard for a long time, smoking a smoldering cigarette. Later, his brother finally got married.. Father should have had less refreshments and enjoyed happiness, but he always felt that his brother’s life was difficult and still helped his brother’s family as usual.. Father is busy all the year round, not only doing field work, but also taking children for his younger brother and entertaining neighbors and relatives.. Father seldom goes to sister’s house, sister’s house, and seldom comes to my house. Occasionally, when I came to the county seat, I always came on the same day and left on the same day.. He could not rest assured of his brother’s two children and the sheep fed at home. We have advised our father many times that the younger brother has become a family and the child has grown up. Let them take care of the family affairs themselves. Every time he heard these words, his father smiled and said slowly that all parents are like this. When they can’t move and close their eyes, they will rest..     In recent years, father’s body is getting worse and worse and his back is getting more and more camel. Last winter, he often caught a cold and coughed. On New Year’s Day, I found some honey and chrysanthemum flowers in my friend’s house and took them home to let my father cure his cough. At night, I sat in my father’s cabin and chatted with him. Father kept coughing, his face flushed with suppress. When it comes to treatment, father said that after taking many medicines and losing many fluids, it is not good and will not be treated any more..I advised my father to visit the county hospital. My father said that the medicine in the hospital is too expensive to cure even if it is too expensive. It will naturally be fine when spring begins and the days are warm.. Father said that and began to cough again. Looking at my father’s sad appearance, my heart was not calm. I think a lot. Father is old and has reached the end of his life. How long is his life? Today, tomorrow . Ah, thought of here, I turned my head quickly, stood up, pretended to blow my nose, walked out of the door and wiped away the tears that had already flowed out..     However, the father in his twilight years is still working hard for his children. This year, after the Spring Festival, father Dongnuoxi borrowed 4,000 yuan to buy three old houses for his brother in the village.. The father said that the younger brother had two children, only one house and one homestead. He bought the homestead now and will not cook any more houses in the future.. My father also said that when the family moved out in the spring of next year, magnolia was planted in the yard. Ten years later, it will be a large sum of income..     The day before yesterday, my father suddenly came to the county seat. This time, he offered to stay in the city all night. At night, I took my father to the streets for a stroll. Father seems not interested in the bustling scene in the city, with a faint sadness on his face and little talk.. I was puzzled and asked my father what was on his mind. Father was silent and did not speak. After a while, he took out a cigarette from his pocket, lit it and smoked it twice, saying, ” Dad is old and he hasn’t lived a few days.”. Dad is thinking more and more about your second brother. If he were alive, he would be twenty-eight years old. Father’s words like a bomb exploded in my heart. Father, my dear father, he never forgets his own flesh and blood and finds his second brother, even if he meets him, which is his greatest wish in his lifetime.! But where to find it? That year, the second brother was less than two years old and was seriously ill. My family was too poor to cure him, so my parents gave him to others.. Over the years, there has been no information about the whereabouts of the second brother..     Hey! the great devotion!