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The second of my sisters. It is often said that’ the big and the small are charming, but not the middle and the waist’. Really, especially in the age of hard life, the middle child is ruffian, hard – working, strong and capable..   There are four surviving sisters, the younger brother is the only boy, but he became a fool after eating bezoar in a year old.. The stronger mother put her hopes on the three sisters. In my body is really should people say that sentence.   At that time, the collective refers to the time when people earned their jobs and ate their meals. Almost every family in the village had more children, less labor and every family was short of food.. Although parents did not have a day’s work, they were still short of clothes and food.. Mother was in her thirties when she gave birth to her sister because of her physical illness, and her sister was naturally most favored.. Under my sister, a sister died in the seventh wind. I was a girl born in March. Niang somewhat abandoned me and looked at me with tears or grandma wrapped me in a mattress..   Under the hard upbringing of our parents, we grew up and went to school slowly. In terms of household chores, I naturally became a good helper for my parents because I grew up strong.   Mother said, ” Ernie, get mom’s clothes and wash them in a small river channel.”. Ernie, go to the village to carry water and then go to school. Sister said, ” Er ya, go outside and bring firewood back. Niang wants to cook.”. ‘ Father said, ” Erni, learn to chop wood for Dad on the mountain together.”. Sister said, ” Second Sister, you should go to vegetable fields and pinch vegetables.”. ‘ I’ve always promised to be crisp and cheerful.” Ah, good”, and then I did it in a hurry..   Later, even the villagers in the village said, ” Erni, your mother is eccentric, because you are not your own, go and find your mother when you grow up.”. ”’ little don’t understand I really cried several times and asked Niang where I came from.? Ask Niang tears streaming down her face.   When I was a child, I was famous for my hard work and ability. As long as other boys can do the work, I can do it completely and do it better, giving Niang considerable face. In the summer, after school in the afternoon, a large basket of grass will be cut to feed the cattle. On weekends, like boys, they went up to the mountain to cut firewood, and the bundles of firewood they carried were thicker than boys. To fish in the river is more than boys. Climbing trees to pick dates and persimmons faster than boys; Cattle herding on weekends or holidays always bring back a pick of firewood or sprouts.   Niang looked at me as capable and listened to the compliments from her neighbors. She often couldn’t keep her mouth shut with laughter..   Slowly, I think I am the boss. I think of taking good care of my sister and siblings everywhere and working for my parents everywhere, just like the ” pillar” of the family..   When my sister and I go to the opposite slope to cut firewood on weekends or holidays, I always hook the branches with a bamboo scythe ( tie the scythe to the thin end of the bamboo pole ) and even climb the mountain to cut the branches, while my sister picks up the branches on the ground.. Cut almost, I tied up bundles of branches my sister had picked up together. I picked up the small bundle and carefully placed it on my sister’s shoulder. I went down the mountain with a thick bundle of firewood.. Down the mountain and see if my sister hasn’t come down yet, I put the firewood back to pick up my sister. I always carry her bundle of firewood until it is almost home and then let her carry it back home..   At that time, there was no money to buy fertilizer. All the crops were grown with soil fertilizer.. Each family has a cattle farm tied to it. Below it is Yazi with soil above it. The cattle are tied to the middle, and it will be a soil fertilizer in a day or two.. On the morning of each summer vacation, my sister and I took the car to the slope heel and cut bud on the river.. The day was bright when Niang woke up to cut sprouts. We cut the land one by one until we heard Niang shouting at the village head to go home for dinner and then hastily put Yazi in the car.. It’s very clever to put buds in the middle, which should be heavy on both sides, or the road will be narrow and easy to roll over.. I always let my sister hold the handlebar firmly with both hands, put the buds on her own, put them while pressing them, tied two ropes in the middle until she was satisfied, and then pulled the car home. In the afternoon, when my father came back from work, my father handed me sprouts and I cut them.. Then, he and his father evenly spread the chopped sprouts on the cattle paddock and covered it with a thin layer of soil..   The cow nursery is dirty and tired. It will take at least three days to clean up cow dung and pull it to the ground by car to harvest crops.. The smell of cow dung permeates the body every day, and the feet are covered with cow dung.   The urinals in the house are full, and Niang always asks me to take Mao dung to irrigate the vegetable field on Sundays.. There are more than a mile from the vegetable field in the home, carrying two urine buckets. If you walk a little unbalanced, you will spill over, splash on your body and stink.   At that time, the school also often allowed work-study programs. In winter, firewood is cut in knots, in summer, oak shells are picked, hawthorn is picked, and crops are slipped in autumn.   Niang said,’ Erni, your elder sister is in poor health. You work harder and finish your elder sister’s share.”.   ” Well, I see, Mom, don’t worry.”.I fart dian fart to answer.     At that time, people from the plain liked to carry peddlers up the mountain, with all kinds of needles and thread in the basket, all kinds of flower wool and boiled candy that our children liked best.. Every time, Niang always brings a bowl of rice to the peddler and then changes a rope for her sister to tie it up. The elder sister has black braid and is beautifully tied up with a red rope.. Sometimes Niang puts a small needle on the peddler’s body after serving him a bowl of rice, saying that you carry the goods out of the way and bring disaster to my Dani..   Later, my sister and I went to the village primary school from the village compound class, and my sister ate in the teacher’s group, while I did not eat at night..   Teacher in charge Yang Xiuying met Niang and said, ” Your second child is better at studying than the eldest, and should be treated the same.” Niang said I was thin and weak, and Erni was a young boy and a real girl.. Niang said very easily, very proud.   My sister later went to high school in the city, and my mother borrowed money to raise tuition fees. Looking at my parents’ miserable appearance of asking for help, I secretly decided to go to normal school.   In the end, my sister graduated from high school and went to the county education school. I also went to normal school as I wished.. It’s a pity that my sister dropped out of school in the second half of the first year of the new year because of lack of staff in the family..   My sister and I became teachers before and after, and went out of the mountains one after another to start a family and establish a career.. Niang died of illness in 1987, and her sister recruited her son – in – law. Every year, we always pick up our father to stay for months. Because I was in better condition in the county seat, my husband and I took care of most of my troubled father every time he was hospitalized ( lumbar spine flash, gastrectomy, right hand injury, cataract surgery, right leg fracture, and long snake gall ).   Every spring festival, my sister and I always say that I am hardworking and dutiful.   Kid sister said, Second Sister, you are the least easy, and you take care of the most when dad is ill..   Sister said big sister ah, since childhood, the three of us have paid the most for you.   Oh, what are you polite to me? ” The almighty does more work.”. I went to the kitchen to help my brother-in-law cook with a smile.   When I came to the door of the main room with my meal, I heard my father say, ” Remember, if you want to have three children in the future, you must hurt the one in the middle.”. Now that you are in good condition, you will care more about Erni … ” I stopped at once and stayed quietly for a while, wiping tears on my face and shouting for dinner..   Listening to his father’s words, the scene was vivid again. Think about it, the sisters are all the meat that fell from the mother’s body. Which parents are not rare?? It’s just that my living conditions are poor, my constitution is good, my character is vigorous, and my mother keeps me as a boy.. If I was weak and weak, my mother must have hurt me as much as she did her sister.   Silly brother went missing again in 2008 and his father died in 2013, leaving only our sisters alone.   Today, both in work and life, I am bathed in the meticulous care and care of my sister and sister!   I should be grateful to my parents. It was she who trained me to be a kind person who knows how to repay kindness and kindness. It was she who trained me to be a patient, endurable and hardworking person..     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