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Long so big, accustomed to hand can’t carry, shoulder can’t carry the leisure days. Can’t raise chickens, can’t raise ducks, can only cook and wash clothes every day, and farm work is only a symbolic little with her husband.   The change began in the last two years.   With the colorful appearance of students from all walks of life, our background status becomes increasingly poor and humble. I think it’s time to watch my husband toil for his family every day, behave more carefully, not touch the real topic that many people yearn for in the colorful halo, and watch him toil alone..   In previous years, we all used the winter break to plant some black fungus. The procedures for planting black fungus were complicated and tiring. I seldom worked hard and relied on my husband’s strength to do what he could.. Since last year, the market has tended to grow ears and sell well, and we have also changed the auricularia hanging in the shed to planting in the ground.. After the fungus bag went out of the greenhouse, I took on the task of planting ears in the open..   Husband because of old mother need to look after can not be far away at any time, and forced by life involved in construction, from apprenticeship to technical work of one or two dozen people, planning, calculation, construction, bungalow upgrade building, foreman replay all the top priorities to one person to master, foreman is absent, every house is naturally without his supervision and control, and I also dismissed the idea of needing his help again and again..   The plot planted with Auricularia is just across the street from home, working every day. My husband knows my progress at a glance. Naturally, he can’t help but praise it a few times.. On the night of the night, the line of sight was blocked by the night, and when he entered the door, he asked, ” How much did you do today?”? You go and see it yourself! ‘ I deliberately sullenly, not directly answer.   ‘ didn’t do it? He didn’t have the answer and asked again.   ‘ I didn’t work before, you don’t ask how much I did, now I do so much for you, you are too few? ‘ I began to take words to plug him.   ‘ can’t say for me, home is ours. He added.   ‘ I marry you, is to let you keep me, do not do it! ‘ I stared his one eye, pretending to be angry.   ‘ okay, do not do it, tired to rest first. He saw that I was not happy and thought I was tired, so he quickly compromised. I can’t help it anymore, ” Chi” laughed, ” I have done more today than before.”. It’s not easy. Work slowly and rest if you don’t want to. In fact, his heart is clear that my change is an external factor because everything between us is an open secret in front of her husband. From homework under the shed to open-air operations, I was not alone in the shed, how much I could do every day, and when I was tired, I got up and went to other fields to talk to other working neighbors.. In fact, I don’t work hard, I quit when I’m a little tired, but I’m still seen by the neighbors and they are puzzled by the small changes.. I’m not impatient. As the saying goes, I don’t fall into the station. As long as I keep walking, I will always reach the end. This is my relief to myself..   It took me half a month to finish all the work others had done in ten days. I was like a wind-up clock. I suddenly felt physically tired, and my unwillingly waist began to feel tired. I slept all afternoon that day..   I admire my persistence again, and change has made me recognized by my husband again. Happiness is only one’s own feeling. The process of experience is not wealth or not. It is full of true feelings in plain life. Passion is conveyed in hard work. Ordinary does not mean boring. Sharing is to express a more direct understanding, a love that cannot be explained in words.!