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Apricot hanging on a tree

You are excited to conceive and imagine the warm spring in the north. At this moment, you seem to see the apricot tree behind the old house, and you seem to have bathed in a profusion of apricot blossom rain.      It is summer now, you are alone, silently thinking and imagining a tree. This tree is very far away from you, and it is close to you. This is a leafy apricot tree hung with lanterns. This apricot tree is extremely flourishing in the vegetable garden behind your hometown..     You know, this apricot tree has already crossed the roof of the old house many years ago, and its canopy stretched like an umbrella in the sky. Its vitality is so vigorous and tenacious that you did not expect it to be.. As you know, this apricot tree is already covered with green fruits, and the breeze blows. They swing like bells and make subtle and wonderful noises.. Although these fruits are green now, it won’t be long before they quietly change color in the bright sunlight, they will become orange yellow and orange yellow, and the ripe honey-flowing pulp will become sour, sweet and sour … Ah, think of the round apricot that will soon become golden yellow and golden yellow, you seem to smell the strange sweet smell they give off, and your mouth water will soon flow out..     This is an apricot tree that you planted in your garden many years ago in the spring. This is also the only certificate or mark you left in your old garden.. Now that you miss and imagine it with warmth like water, you have suddenly drawn closer to yourself and the old garden, and to this vibrant apricot tree.. You can’t help thinking about the spring when the warm wind blew many years ago, when you were a simple and happy country boy.. In that year, you may be nine or ten years old. You took your younger sister’s hand and gouged out bitter vegetables in the tender green fields rippling with rice seedlings.. Gouge out and gouge out, you and your innocent little sister found a weak apricot tree seedlings. You carefully dug it out of the soil and kept some moist soil on its slender roots.. Then you put this apricot tree seedlings in the wicker frame and brought it home with bitter herbs happily.. You and your little sister planted it in the garden behind the house, and you will not forget to water it politely every day. Looking at this fragile apricot tree seedlings, little sister worried that it would not live long and could not eat the apricot it had produced.. I said confidently that peach, apricot and pear will blossom and bear fruit in the spring of the fourth year. Ah, you smiled with relief at the sweet scene of transplanting apricot tree seedlings into the garden behind the house many years ago.. Because after all these years, this apricot tree is still growing with relish. It has grown from a humble young tree to such a thriving and prosperous appearance, which is a great miracle in any way..     You are excited to conceive and imagine the warm spring in the north. At this moment, you seem to see the apricot tree behind the old house, and you seem to have bathed in a profusion of apricot blossom rain. In spring, this apricot tree is so warm and charming, its body is full of green leaves and beautiful flowers, it is like the beautiful flower fairy who walked into the old garden leisurely.. With the summer approaching quietly, the green fruits like fingers and bellies are getting rounder and rounder from day to day until their skins are suffused with golden color.. You imagine the happy situation when picking apricots in summer, you recall the joy when eating apricots, you swallow saliva that keeps pouring up with difficulty, and your hands seem to have touched the golden and ripe apricots.. In the hot summer, you and your little sister climbed onto the tall apricot tree and the orange-yellow honey apricot fell into the wicker basket.. At this moment, you were surprised to find that the tender young tree in the past grew much higher than the roof of your home . Ah, you thought about the unforgettable situation when you last picked apricot and the family tasted apricot in the summer of the year of eighteen. You did not think that you and your old garden and the apricot tree you planted by your own hands had left in a flash for dozens of spring and autumn years.. Now you are longing for your homeland through autumn waters, and the fruit tree full of apricots, where everything has taken on a dreamy and serene splendor..     You thought about the phone call from your sister two days ago. She said that the apricot tree you planted had many more apricots this year and it was getting yellow! Kid sister said it’s a pity that you’re not at home. It’s a pity that your mother is no longer in the world. Ah, when you put down the microphone, you were deeply touched and your canthus gradually became moist.. You love apricots from an early age, and your mother prefers apricots. It suddenly occurred to you that one summer five years ago, your mother was standing under the apricot tree, and your mother wept while eating the apricot.. My mother said this is an apricot tree planted by my eldest son. If only he could come back and eat it together! . Ah, this is what little sister said on the phone. Little sister said that when her mother missed her eldest son, she gazed at the apricot tree with deep feeling. At this moment, her mother seemed to see her distant son..     Think of apricot trees, think of mother, think of past dribs and drabs, tears in your eyes finally flow down. You know, mother will never be able to eat apricots from the fruit tree you planted with your own hands. You don’t know, a tree’s life is even longer and more tenacious than a person’s. You miss and imagine the apricot tree in the old garden, and you suddenly realize that the apricot tree you planted behind the old house many years ago has become another posture for you to stand on the land of the old garden.. Although your body is still wandering around in a foreign land, the root of your soul, like the root of this apricot tree, has been deeply rooted in the fertile soil.! Aware of this, you feel relieved, you feel like you have seen the clouds and smoke swept away from other generations … 1720 words