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A letter to the son who is going to take the senior high school entrance exam

A letter to the son who is about to take the senior high school entrance exam: Good morning! You have been studying for about two hours. Look up at the sky outside the window, blue sky, white clouds, hidden stars and bright sunshine.. Today, I was alone, counting the early hours, and took a short trip to open the door after washing up in a hurry.. The smell of green onion floating between the glossy leaves and grass in spring, and a lock of clear spring chill, let my spirit bright and clear after a rare minor illness at the beginning of my year, intellectual want to write a letter to you, saying inherit the wind in words. I hope you don’t take a flat curve, and you might as well climb some steep and thorny shortcuts with difficulty.. The scenery on the ridge will make you relaxed and happy, wave your hand and wipe away the sweat, and you will have the opportunity to feel the pride of the leader after you dive back into place.. At the age of 16, you can be bold enough to be independent, beyond your parents’ sight and within your sight. You don’t want me to wake up and accompany you with a book while lying in bed with a minor illness as you did two days ago, even asking if I was really ill, because it looks like I’m still laughing. This is not your carelessness and lack of care for your parents, but the dependence that is hard to give up in your heart occupies the first place. In fact, children’s independence is also a difficult problem for parents. A few days ago, I went to the guest house and walked out of the front door of the guest house together before dinner to have a quiet time.. Suddenly I couldn’t see you, and I didn’t respond to a few calls.. My heart suddenly startled and I looked for you along the road in a flurry, only to find you watching Buffalo Ping by the pond.. Funny, I’m too nervous: it’s the children, not the parents, who want to wean, okay?! It is true that such a big child has not bought a ticket to go to school by himself. I once imagined that you would finish a lesson: where will your mother and I wait for you when you drive to grandma’s house ten kilometers away. Too careful! Lovely, funny, poor parents’ hearts. Every time you ride a bike in a community, I will cut my clothes by a branch and cut through other people’s garden, keeping a distance of not more than 10 meters from you.. Because of this, I subconsciously restrained myself and gave you more chances to be independent. You don’t have to look at the back of your homework in a few minutes, and you don’t have to swipe away your novel books because of my presence.. You need to concentrate on your homework or reading, and you need the highest efficiency instead of continuous learning. Perhaps, you can go to the cinema to watch a movie by yourself, feel the emptiness of the north in the sky after coming out of the closed and dark state of the cinema, and taste the joy of success in repositioning.. Perhaps, you can have a weekend for your parents to travel. You can go home by yourself, read a plain message, and arrange dinner and snacks for the weekend with a hundred yuan bill.. He finished his homework, slept and dreamed, played table tennis on the wall, groped for a way to rewrite history and rescue Pang Tong perfectly in the’ Battle of Fengpo’ by the heroes of the Three Kingdoms without looking at the strategy, and finally returned to school with a bag of learning materials and half a bag of fruit in both hands.. This is my biggest realm and vision as a father of adolescent children at present. Son, do you dare to challenge this weekend? Forgive me, you may be numb and even dislike your parents’ attention to your study and study. Parents are not without other important things and ideals, just because you are a lovely spirit, breaking into the ordinary world of parents from different places and continuing parents’ more and bigger dreams.. When the two-child policy was first announced, many parents enjoyed it like a spring breeze.. Your aunt yang joked that the eldest brother had too much grazing and did not have time to have a good education. she gave birth to a second child to accompany him to have a good education every day.. It can be seen that parents’ love for their children is not enough. In fact, that’s even worse. Two adults stand one on each side like guards, blocking the sun and wind and rain. How can young seedlings grow healthily through photosynthesis?? Even though there are more than 360 lines in the world, there is also the joke of ” taking the first test every day when I was a child and opening an excavator when I grow up”, but I believe that more people in the world are converted to evolution, and we all believe that the world is thriving, the increasingly standardized society needs more professional knowledge and skills, and more industries expect a healthy personality and a vast inner realm.. Reading is the best way to improve people’s knowledge, skills and realm. Of course, all roads lead to Rome, but we prefer the most rational though not necessarily the shortest route, ok?! When you were in the first grade, you had an astronomer’s dream. In the classroom, I explained the astronomical phenomena in winter solstice in detail, which made my classmates admire, but also because I mentioned that the operation of the eight planets made aunt Wang, the teacher who did not update astronomical knowledge in time, wonder and sigh, and privately talked to me about the concept of the nine planets that have been deeply rooted in my mind for more than ten years ( in fact, I did not refresh this page of knowledge until I accompanied you to study at that time ). Of course, it’s no big deal to know this knowledge and more little-known knowledge. But your heart will be enriched by the accumulation of knowledge, and your spirit will become more and more magnificent. Not to mention that this fallacy of knowledge will no longer appear in the future, it may still be possible to use it. At that time, it also opened up your wider vision: to distinguish constellations from drifting stars in different seasons, to read ancient Greek myths and legends, and to imagine that the straightforward temperament of ancient people reflects on the stars, and then to take part in strange things on the ancient and vast Chinese territory in the Shanhaijing regulations. Nearby, you are eager to go with me to search for coral and gastropod fossils scattered in the stone forest, meditate on stone forest cliff paintings in the disorderly grass, and discover stone tools and various clues of the old age of Baishiling. While wandering between the stone forest and uncle wangluo, you and the scientist from the Chinese academy of sciences felt the same as before and seemed to have more to say than my old classmate. However, I have a superstition that your astronomy dream was suspended because you did not bother to climb Zijin Mountain when you visited Zhongshan Mausoleum in Nanjing.. This is not a pity. Your reading and experience will make you find something more suitable for your dream. At the age of 16, about the real starting point of youth, you should understand the truth: youth is irreversible! Real freedom and happiness are by no means to squander one’s youth and opportunities. Only youth has unlimited possibilities, and only the opportunities of youth are not random but can be won by you.. However, if you indulge yourself and do not choose, seize and strive for your own opportunities, but give up good opportunities for your lazy, short-lived free and easy life and happiness, you will retreat into a life that has nothing to do with free and easy life and happiness and is busy for your life.. Meng Mu’s three moves are honorable parents’ selfishness in the world, and it is difficult to love each other. Because of the good environment, you can get the corresponding harvest for your efforts.In order to get a clear learning environment, you gave up the core education of the old campus in the middle class of the kindergarten and moved to the new campus. The first grade was transferred from Lufu Primary School to Ziyu Primary School, mainly because in Ziyu Primary School, your Aunt Wang is very good in Mandarin and hopes you will get a good enlightenment. From grade two to grade three to dake primary school, you enjoyed the greatest relaxation during the transition period of study and entered the national primary school with the best results of the campus through your own efforts. In the fourth, fifth and sixth grades, your mother and I didn’t care much about your academic ranking and gave you a wide range of extracurricular reading opportunities, so we almost missed the opportunity to enter Bajiang Middle School, which has excellent teaching efficiency.. Indeed, there are some deviations or even opposites between extra-curricular reading and exam results. From your Chinese scores, the accumulation of hundreds of books does not show due advantages.. The reason for this is, on the one hand, that the test standards need to be standardized. You can feel this directly in the test questions of Chengdu Chinese last weekend.. Among them, taking part in Robinson Crusoe’s regulations on society and human nature, taking part in Lu Zhishen’s fraternity in the water margin regulations and naming the study center outside the textbook, you have all done very well.. However, the mistakes in the regular test site reflect that you have not spent enough time in accepting classroom teaching. If you find problems, you will be able to make breakthroughs in classroom learning with much effort.. On the other hand, half of your scores in this joint test of No.8 Middle School and No.7 School in the city are among the best, which is the result of your extensive reading and internalization, which is unexpected and understandable.. In the deepening reform of teaching evaluation, the open assessment method will make your study easier and easier. However, your Chinese scores appear relatively low. Judging from your reading comprehension and writing on the paper, the problem is obvious. While your reading and experience enrich your mind, it makes your thinking complicated and even confusing. The words on the paper that seem to have meaning but become ill sentences cause you to lose too many points in the exam.. Son, facing the entrance examination, now you need to simplify the complexity, reason complex social and human problems in a simple logical way, and then buffer, internalize and sublimate your inner reading and life experience after entering high school.. At that time, at that time, getting high marks now is to choose the best opportunity for yourself. The campus environment of key high schools and the style of teachers and students will let you understand what is farsighted and what is’ there are mountains outside the mountains and people outside the people’. During the Spring Festival, I saw a WeChat forwarded by your uncle Li, expressing a belief that I did not express in time, ” People’s Daily: The era of material happiness is over, and a new era is coming.”. From the point of view of the subject alone, it is very encouraging. At least I am personally pleased. I am sure that I will no longer be disappointed because I do not have a luxury car or two or three suites.. Indeed, today, most people are basically satisfied with their material and economic well – being, but feel disappointed and unhappy.. The reason for this is precisely because I lack the necessary beliefs and dreams, and I happen to have them all. Son, you probably already know what I’m going to talk to you about’ the big truth’, and what life should have most is the confidence, courage and persistence to make unremitting efforts for a positive dream.. Has anyone ever seen a child convert to religion on his own? None of the children on the earth will be able to do so, because the children’s newborn calves are not afraid of tigers and can disregard everything for their dreams.. When I was staying at school, I saved my food and used it to buy a harmonica and listen to the music I created for the first time. You broke your boots to draw water back and forth for a moat around the sand castle so that the ants could walk on the straw bridge. These simple and beautiful dreams are enough to laugh at the self-betrayal of adults who pray to God for fame and fortune and even change their beliefs at will.. Well – intentioned and selfish dreams are easy because they are dispensable and can be lost. The vicious dream is a harmful curse, and people and gods are angry. However, only the dream of promoting human progress and having a world of love can gradually improve its own state through hard work, and can it be continuously purified and lasting.. Forgive me, the astronomer you once dreamed of is not a simple career, but a career to promote human progress. When you look up, the stars shine: Zhang Heng, Copernicus, Einstein … Ah, these names have been shining all the time.. Now, you may no longer want to be a specific astronomer, but your dream is not extinguished because of the shining of these great souls, and the ideal of promoting human progress is interlinked. With the growth and maturity of individuals, it is just a change of direction.. Plato used Athens College to create a human utopia, and Hemingway’s old man built a spiritual monument of human active struggle in the isolated waves, Helen. Keller’s desire for light includes love for the world and mankind … Ah, in the rain of Hanyang last summer, you saw Dong Fangshuo’s unspoken implication that Yu Boya and Zhong Ziqi are one for music, which is a tribute to the mutual trust and artistic ideal of human nature.. After the weather cleared up, we moved to the Yangtze River several kilometers away and enjoyed the spiritual feast together by lingering among the giant statues of Dayu’s flood control project.. These are the spiritual charm of human art and dreams, the noblest blood in our blood, and the real source of happiness for a person.. In a nutshell, you need to be firm in your dream of working for human progress. Although it is not so specific now, she will mature like an embryo in your belief and struggle for growth.. Such a dream will make you firmer and more confident, give you the passion and strength to smell the chicken dancing for it, and stop wasting your youth due to temporary hardships.. Say this first. Pardon, you’ll get good grades! Because you have a broad blue sky over your head, and the stars you know are shining among the clouds.. Dad: Ji Xinglin, April 9, 1818