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Home victory over the Eagles captured the assassin of King Mountain small back injury Green Army 2-3

] Eagles began to get angry from the middle of the second quarter, Jeff – Teague scored 16 points and Kent – Baze Moore went 4 9 three-pointers, had 16 points and five rebounds, Kyle – Kyle Korver 13 points, Paul – Millsap 10 points, eight rebounds and six assists, Al – Al Horford in the first half failed to score the last six points and eight rebounds。
Off the bench – Mike Scott scored 17 points。
  Celtics general Isiah – Thomas in the fourth quarter injury leave, only 7 points。 Evan – Turner 15 points, five rebounds, Jai – Claude 10 points off the bench Marcus – Smart and Jia Lite – Salin Jie 10 points each。
  Hawks and Celtics series, neither home defeat, the war became 2-2。
Today is the "King of the mountain" of the war, eagle sits at home, must not be lost。   Last Millsap scored a playoff career-high 45 points, but the Hawks still being comeback。 Teague think they played very badly in the fourth quarter, if you like that fight, should have lost more than 30 points。
  After the opening today, the Hawks still feel bad, in the first 35 shots in only 7, but they doggedly persevered, gradually recovered the feeling in one fell swoop defeated opponent in the third quarter。 In this round of the series, both to protect their own home。
  Celtic 4-0 start, the Hawks played in the game four minutes later only to vote in a ball。
But the Eagles defense also good, did not let the Celtics opened the gap。 This section entering the final minute, the two sides battle became 15-15。
But after Claude-thirds vote, the Celtics scored 5 points, 20-15 end of this section。 Smart continuation of a feel of the fourth quarter, the first section of the Celtics scored 7 points, the Celtics shot only%, while the Eagles to%。
  Section played half, the Hawks only vote in a ball, the Celtics to 29-19 double-digit advantage。
After more than half of this section, the Eagles finally broke out, followed by 11 consecutive shots in, and frequently hit third, the wave of attacks hit 26-6, in this section have 1 minute 09 seconds, Baze Moore hit consecutive three-pointers after leading the Hawks to 45-35。
Baze Moore this section, a person hit four three-pointers, the Hawks to 47-39 halftime。   Lord Thomas after the Celtics in the first half scoreless third quarter played for nearly two minutes before he scored for the first time。
Celtic finally chasing the score 50-55, but have since been crazy attack eagle, Millsap and Korver, who hit consecutive three-pointers。
Hawks section 5 hit a three-pointers, single scored 42 points, the first three quarters to lead 89-62。
  Eagle Panruoliangdui front, the first 18 minutes, they throw 34 6 only, only% hit rate, and the next 18 minutes 37 27 shots, hit rate of 73%。
18 minutes before the pointers 12 shots in only 2, and the next 18 minutes 15 shot 10% hit rate staggering。
The first 18 minutes, they had 19 points, followed by 18 minutes scored 70 points, the Celtics rout。   Celtic worse, Thomas in the fourth quarter injury leave, go directly to the locker room。
Hawks scored four points to start the fourth quarter, leading by 31 points at 93-62, the outcome of lose the suspense。 After playing less than 5 minutes, the Eagles scored Pobai, Humphries hit consecutive three-pointers, they lead to 101-68。
  Celtic had to accept defeat, the road does not belong to them。
To fight back, we can only wait to return home。 (Angkor)。

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