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Ishigaki, Japan Self-Defense Forces deployed announced mayoral election to become the focus

Data for: Earlier, in Japan, Gotemba East Fuji exercise field, the Japanese Ground Self-Defense held its annual Fuji comprehensive fire drill。
The picture shows the Japanese Self-Defense Force members were landing demonstration。   It is reported that the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force deployment plan has become the focus of debate in favor or not, elections will be the 11th vote counting。   It reported that Japan's Defense Ministry plans to deploy 500-600 people and the size of the garrison troops-to-air and ground-to-ship missile forces in Ishigaki。
Gongliang antisymmetric "can not build (the land from the facility) at any place on the island"。
  Zhongshan called "national defense is a matter of authoritarian state" is actually allowed to hold a hearing to determine public opinion at position。 Sunagawa that "should be promoted in local residents can obtain the consent of the land" in favor of reconsidering the deployment of a predetermined location。
  Japanese media analysis pointed out that behind the differences of opinion, there are between Abe and government-backed Zhongshan county governor Takeshi Onaga pushing Gongliang "proxy battle" side。   It is understood that Sunagawa is a former member of Japan's Liberal Democratic Party county, municipal operations by the Zhongshan municipal councilors have grievances and other support。
In spite of his party headquarters to give up its campaign to force the requirements of the election, conservatives within the division。 Sunagawa has been removed from Okinawa branch of the Liberal Democratic Federation。   In order to Futenma Air Station (Okinawa Ginowan City) moved to the county in Nago City, the ancient wild side as February of this year Nago mayoral election in the focus of debate, Weng long supported the incumbent mayor lost to Abe government support for newcomers。 Gubernatorial election skirmish, the intense situation in Ishigaki fall election will be held as can be imagined。

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