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Kunming Machine delisting once opened limit down 45 million funding played congenial

After a 15 consecutive word limit, Kunming Machine delisting once open daily limit yesterday morning, a day of heavy volume traded over 45 million yuan, turnover close to 10%。Analysts believe that in the final prerequisite for delisting has been a virtual certainty, at this time reached the delisting of the Kunming Machine funds mostly belong to fool nature, facing the risk of follow-up is obvious, investors should be a rational view。  June 21, delisting Kunming Machine to limit opening price。About 9:33, the emergence of multi-disk machines withdraw Kun pen active pay, then the daily limit volume being forced open, stock instantly turned red。  Only in this short 9:33 one minute, the number of transactions sharing withdraw Kunming machine reaches 14.400,000 hands, accounting for 39% of the total turnover of the day, the stock hit bottom prices from 1.21 yuan climbed to the highest price day 1.38 yuan, amplitude 12.69%。After that, the delisting price shocks Kunming Machine seal back down limit, trading volume will return to light。  As of yesterday's close, the stock delisting Kunming Machine limit, daily show down?Word lines, closing the day 36.790 000 hand, turnover 4527.960,000 yuan, turnover 9.43%。  The Shanghai Stock Exchange after-hours trading publicly disclosed information display, Kunming Machine delisting yesterday bought five seats are all business department。Guoxin Securities Beijing Chaoyang North Road business to buy a site ranks, purchase amount 982.640,000 yuan, accounting for the total turnover of the day 21.70%。4 business department seats from Shanghai, Xian, Beijing, Hefei, disaggregated buy two to buy five, to buy the amount in the range from 780,000 to 1,400,000 yuan。  Overall, yesterday appeared delisting Kunming Machine buy list of five business department seats are non-line hot money seats。Remove Guoxin Securities Beijing Chaoyang North Road Sales Department to buy topped, and the rest were distributed trivial traded chips, mainly from small investors scattered turnover。  Market participants pointed out, this time to buy delisting shot Kunming Machine funds can be divided into two categories: one knucklehead。The so-called fool, is funded entirely out of the company's fundamentals and the real value of buying stock and tried to sell to other funds held by the same logic, usually to win the short-term spread income。  The second is to lure more。A quarterly data show that as of the end of the first quarter of this year, the number of shareholders is still delisting Kunming Machine 33099。After delisting from Kunming Machine delisting consolidation period into the low number of transactions of view, the above-mentioned trapped in the vast majority of funds can not get away。So, do not rule out that some funds take initiative to buy hold-up, the main funds have to create the illusion of bargain-hunting approach to attract more "know the truth" small investors access disk。  In any case, the current buying risk faced delisting Kunming Machine is obvious。  Who delisting gamble Kunming Machine