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I met you, is stolen is the edge

I met you, is stolen is the edge of the circle of life, has been the story of what happened, is a sweet hot the past, but also helpless or sad ending?Canmeng old things into clouds dissipate, sorrows and joys, gains and losses mind at ease。    Is a leisurely afternoon, lazy sun gently spilled over the windowsill, hanging wind chimes occasionally accompanied by wind, ringing“Tinker”sound。I stared at this string of wind chimes, they pop out of any notes make up the melody into my heart, brought back was gathering dust in the hearts of Acacia。I did not expect this once dusty emotions are released, could be so rough, instantly flooded my inner world, when compared to once in love, diminished shred。    Say time is the best antidote, can bring years of hurt, how can answer it?I can not forget the original sang songs together, forget the promise as naive and promise, and forget that midsummer night dream, lightly dance of fireflies in the ear whisper whisper, as if to bless us。You can not forget is dressed in a white dress, three thousand black hair Rubao, just like in the fairy painting, we are holding a poetry book, and gently leans sweet-scented osmanthus tree, reading the song Pungent: fence in front of white trees , he had waved goodbye as easily, but after two decades of vicissitudes, our soul has returned every night, when the breeze blowing, it turned into a garden of Yuxiang。    Remember when you asked me jokingly, say twenty years later we will do together, then you will remember it?I just smiled and bomb your forehead。    I can not help but open the drawer, take out that this "Pungent" in the corner, exquisite packaging vaguely book cover with a trace of scent, I gently brushed the years of dust, open the title page, you are greeted by the flamboyant four characters : Do not forget loss。    We are accompanied by the line of the road there is disagreement between the emergence of the fork, and finally grew farther away, far away to never see your face。Was too young, easy to make mistakes, as the poet said, please do not wronged Akimitsu change that people face, is that our own make-up artist。Youth always going to regret meeting you at the wrong time, then you have not, such as lotus bloom, nor usher me the most beautiful moments, like flowers who ran the wrong season, came hard garden tours, the pool only left some dry stalks Grottoes。I am sad that in the coming days, you no longer my poem's heroine, flat Zeze verse that is no longer beautiful and inspirational for you。Perhaps you did not give me inspiration, I can not write a complete poems, accompanied by the demise of the feelings I would rather run out of ideas。    Bale Bale, so I often console myself, we met together only the edge, but did not stay together parts。I remember the first time I saw you, that Smart's silvery laughter direct break my heart, Dai Mei picturesque, that sly eye fascinated me, deep dimples that made me Chizui。When see you again, you could be so ladies, like an ancient elegant talented woman, holding a brush on paper outlining the phenomena in the world。The bitterness, if you into the world of nature in this picture, and I indulge in this peerless masterpiece。    I do not remember how touched you, you silly actually really agree with me。Do not ride a romantic gentle with you, but it has an extraordinary true love。Your innocent smile, serious when serious expression, as well as when it got cheaper still cold to Smart's eyes, have deep Indian mind, into a mellow wine, often a memorable, they made me drunk。    Rain Comes spend full House, I vaguely saw the empty, Renzouchaliang scene。When that day comes, the pain is so Left。I was silent, not say a word, each time, you and I waved, I just quietly gazing at you leave the back, he turned the moment could be so poignant, lopsided you disappear sea。Street neon lights flashing brilliant light, loud music heard。A person walking alone in the streets, past the crowd if swallowed me like a wave。I forgot how he is to go home, when the pair of the body has no soul, the whole world is my enemy。    That night was so cold, so cold wind biting, desolate moonlight spilled on the body, I felt the cold fairy on the moon wide through time and space came the endless emptiness and sadness。Meet you, robbery, those who do not sleep at night after you left, anesthesia through wine can not sleep at midnight, standing on the balcony, looking at the stars, you think of summer and the number of stars of the evening, I said to take off Senzoku stars, hanging in your window, the most beautiful warm evening。Today they are still deep shining light, but I could not touch your face, only hear the wind howling ear。    A daily walk through life like water, when I finally blocked sad spring, night after night that sad taste wine, staring at your picture again, you smile, and you can not help but thank encounter。I met you, fate, love deeply, meaning honestly, you make me feel the meaning of existence, I feel full of life, even if we have one thousand sorts of frustration and helplessness, in my mind you still so unique, I met you in life is the most beautiful scene。    Should streets meet again, I could be a smile, like old friends like to eat a meal, drink tea, chat, then got up, ran their End of the World。    QQ: 576785724