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Goldman Sachs: Greece will not be out of the euro

Night network, network nightlife Finance YORK April 24 news, today's Eurogroup will meet to discuss Greece。As has been unable to reach an agreement between Greece and creditors, the recent European Venture to become a major market concerns。The next few months, the Greek government needs to repay the loan principal and interest to the IMF [microblogging] (IMF [microblogging]), totaling approximately 2.5 billion euros, but it also requires short-term debt of $ 9 billion euros conduct rollover。  Recently, the Greek government asked local governments to transfer to the central reserve funds to meet their urgent needs。This can be for a little time for the Greek government, but also highlights the plight of Greece's heavy debt burden caused by。  Since the last time to reach a bailout agreement extension will expire on June 30, Greece must agree with creditors in the next few weeks。It also makes the euro summit on Friday is very important。  Eurogroup still want Greece to stay in the euro。Tuesday, Eurogroup main Xidaiseer Bloom said the Greek exit from the euro would lead to Greece and Europe into a very dangerous instability, adding that Greece has made some progress in the negotiations is still possible to reach agreement on the Greek debt problem before the end of。Thursday, Greek government officials also said the euro group meeting is expected to release a positive signal。  Goldman Sachs (GS) economist, said: "We continue to expect that Greece will repay the IMF loans, the European Central Bank [microblogging] will continue to recapitalize Greek banks, Greece will remain in the EU。"But Goldman Sachs also remind investors that this process can be confusing, until the last moment to reach an agreement。This may impact on the market。  Goldman Sachs said in a report: "We prefer being cautious, especially in Europe risks。Greek crisis has not arrived at the last minute, before that could come out of some bad news, and even to put pressure on the market in order to force the two sides reached consensus on the next round。"From a market is concerned, Goldman Sachs believes this potential will lead to pressure euro。(Shofu compilation)