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Foreign media talk about China rich second four major features: trauma and loneliness

30-year-old second-generation rich Wang Qi A "Bloomberg Business Week" with maps night network, network nightlife stocks FRANCISCO morning news, "Bloomberg Business Week" published an article describing the survival status of China's second-generation rich。The article referred to China rich second generation "most hated man" in a group。Article talks about four main features second-generation rich。  1. Traumatized article points out, China's second-generation rich parents have experienced the "Cultural Revolution", more or less been traumatized。This also inherited mental or emotional trauma to wealthy people who。Most wealthy people are reluctant to openly talk about their problems。  Shanghai 32-year-old second-generation rich investors Wayne Chen said: "They have trust issues。They need a place to talk, need to have a group。" 2. Deal or No Deal, Fanglangxinghai lonely rich second generation simply because their gatherings just to solve lonely。A rich second generation, said: "They want to be taken care of, you want to be loved。"22-year-old second-generation rich with Olivia, for example," Some nights, he was just a person sitting at home, the phone address book from scratch, turn tail, but can not find a person wants to call。The first time we chat, he said he had paid a three-year girlfriend, good for him, but he does not love her。And he said these things he had never told before others。"One wealthy people hire models to celebrate his birthday," Bloomberg Business Week "with 3. Know that they are hated by the general public Relay China Young Leaders Association, a nonprofit second-generation rich, more than $ 30,000 membership fee, membership requirements that their parents more than $ 7.86 million in taxes。  "Bloomberg Business Week" article pointed out that the organization tries to encourage wealthy people take their parents' class, so "rich" to "create the second generation" or "second-generation entrepreneurs" and to join the charity。  4. Part of the rich second generation aware of the gap between rich and poor is a big problem a rich second dinner event organizer Martin Henry said: "We grew up on the best schools, no contact with too many poor people。This is very dangerous for society in terms of。"(Tony compilation)