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Foxconn rushed IPO, I would like to say what a story in shares?

Text / Junior Witter February 1 reported prospectus draft report。 February 9 prospectus draft report and feedback also disclosed。
February 22 the prospectus pre-disclosure update。
March 8 on the trial will be。
Alone prospectus pre-disclosure update this part of the past, listed companies line up to spend half a year, Foxconn spent two weeks left over, but the Commission official disclosed on March 8 on the trial will be。
At that rate, really envy of countless queue waiting at the door was silent company Dajia。 In fact, earlier media reports said on securities regulators to guidance, including biotechnology, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, high-end manufacturing industry if four "unicorn" immediately issue a report to the Ministry, in line with the relevant provisions can the implementation of "that is reported summarily"。
Foxconn accounted for about three, and instantly feel the tall, plus upper body is not a small amount, IPO does not want to have difficulty quickly。 But in the end fineness geometry Foxconn it?All along, Foxconn is known and that they are "sweatshops", "Apple OEM", has nothing to do with the high-tech。 This time, in which the prospectus Foxconn found in up to 476 of the prospectus, to "OEM" word secrecy, trying to get rid of "sweatshop" image。 Except when referring to rival the "OEM" word, it comes to their business model, using the OEM and EMS and other statements。 For example: But in fact belong to ODM and OEM EMS。 ODM refers to its own production, allowing customers to OEM sales, considered a certain technical content。
As the prospectus also said, Foxconn precision molds, development of new products, a small amount of trial production, a large number of aspects of mass production, global logistics and engineering services, have a good competitiveness。 The EMS refers to the foundry in the electronics field, which can be considered the bulk of Foxconn's business。 First of all there are two major procurement Foxconn procurement model, a direct purchase, nothing to say, with the ODM model; another is called BuyandSell mode, this bit mean。
Prospectus explanation, BuyandSell mode refers to the customer to purchase raw materials suppliers of raw materials, raw materials and then sold to the issuer by the raw material suppliers according to customer order requirements, delivery of raw materials directly to the issuer's procurement model。
This means that the customer has been involved in the procurement chain, and it will also pour a hand, and this link is not white toss。
In the audit report of PricewaterhouseCoopers given, it pointed out the risks of the four modes: This is equivalent to client companies not only to take up a cash flow Foxconn thing to do, but also production losses during Foxconn passed on to him, which industries are really Party Dad。