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How to detect bad breath is not doing so also you fresh breath

How testing is not?Many people think that bad breath mouth odor is, in fact, necessarily, that you know how to detect it is not halitosis?Following small talk with you exactly how to detect bad breath is not it。
How to detect bad breath is not 1, the method can be used hands cover their hands covering his mouth and the nose, then exhale, this is you can smell their own exhaled from the mouth if other smell, if there is then it proves itself is suffering from bad breath。 2, identify whether their friends have bad breath, surrounded by relatives and friends, is the most right to speak, it can be determined whether it suffers from bad breath by asking family and friends。
2, professional nose measurement method Ruoguo by the above two methods still can not determine whether it suffers from bad breath, then it can be done by a professional organoleptic test assay, this method is currently the more objective, professional and accurate method of。 This professional organoleptic test Master identified by hospital physicians specializing in bad breath, there will be a normal criteria。 How to detect bad breath is not how to remove bad breath clean mouth is often the reason for bad breath caused by a lot of people because of their own do not like brushing your teeth clean mouth caused, so in daily life, it should be more emphasis on oral cavity for cleaning, eating finished develop the habit of gargling, and also for frequent cleaning teeth, because teeth are very easy to be some residual food residues, prolonged accumulation is relatively easy to cause the symptoms of bad breath。