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AIR JORDAN thirty-one "Chicago" second home to pay tribute to Jordan

  AP Jordan brand in October 19, 2016 launch of the new Air Jordan AirJordanXXXI "Chicago" color, show the charm of Chicago。
This vibrant city is Michael Jordan's second home, but also the minds of a generation of basketball shrine。   "In the past, Michael ranks third in the draft, so he is holding must use to prove his strength of mind to come here," Howard White (HowardWhite), vice president of Jordan brand recalled。
"Pre-season training camp located in Lincoln, Illinois Hyatt Regency Wood。
Michael arrived in the city from the beginning, he believes his destiny is here。 Here, he was tightly bound to the 'great' pursuit and conviction to lead the team together, but Chicago is also expecting a hero to lead them to victory。 Some people say that everything is in place, wind from now。
I believe that Michael would be willing to accept the challenge of Chicago, and strive to become the hero of the city – after all, in the beginning, he chose Chicago。 "Michael's performance on the court will overturn the limits Chicago pushed to the center of the basketball world。 His winning attitude is different from any player on the court。
Rather, his love for basketball has long been beyond the limits of venues: For Michael, there is no place like the streets as the Liberal Basketball。   "Well Michael and the kids playing basketball in the streets of Chicago relationship。
Before each game, he will go to them to send some votes, "White said。 "The kids in the street waiting in line to Michael drove past, looking forward to the opportunity to go to the site to see him play。
"The new AirJordanXXXI 'Chicago' color and remake AirJordanI'BlackToe 'will pay tribute to Michael Jordan love of basketball, as well as his second hometown of Chicago, will go on sale November 5。