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What are these foods pregnant women eat nutritious food to bring adequate nutrition for pregnant women

What foods pregnant women eat?Pregnant women are a key protection in the home, for pregnant women, attention to diet is a must。 So, what food is good for pregnant women to eat?First, pregnant women eat vegetables lower blood pressure 1, should eat celery celery fiber thick, rich flavor, rich in carotene, vitamin C, niacin, and crude fiber, etc., we have sedative blood pressure, heat and cooling and other effects。
Pregnancy-induced hypertension mothers eat celery, can effectively relieve symptoms。
2, should eat fish rich in quality protein and good fats, which contains unsaturated fatty acids than any food。 Unsaturated fatty acids are antioxidant substances, can reduce blood cholesterol, inhibit platelet aggregation, thereby effectively preventing formation of systemic arteriosclerosis and thrombosis。
So Fish is the ideal food for pregnant women in the prevention and treatment of high blood pressure in pregnancy。 3, should eat duck duck resistance without thermal level, high-fat and not greasy。 It is rich in nutrients protein, fat, iron, potassium, sugars and the like, heat and cooling blood, illnesses and health effect。
Duck, therapeutic effect of different varieties of different。
White duck can Qingreliangxue gestational hypertension patients advised to eat。 Studies have shown that duck fat is different from butter or lard, olive oil its chemical composition similar, there are cholesterol-lowering effect, beneficial to the prevention and treatment of hypertension in pregnancy。 4, should eat eel eel is a high protein, low fat foods can deficiency, treatment virtual loss treatment。 Mothers eat eel can prevent gestational hypertension。 Note that, once dead eel, and crab on the same body bacteria multiply and produce toxins, so to eat fresh eel。 5, increase the quality of protein such as fish, skinless poultry, low-fat milk, soy products rich in high quality protein。 6 pregnant women eat what foods, get enough calcium, magnesium and zinc milk and dairy products rich in easily understood absorption of calcium, calcium is good food, low-fat or nonfat dairy products is appropriate。 Beans, green leafy vegetables rich in magnesium containing marine products such as fish, oysters and other shellfish and organ meats rich in zinc。