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US federal government cut funding for the industry: Chinatown small businesses will not survive

Victoria Le Your silk (speaker) pointed out that Trump to new long-term tax reform for small businesses and low-income people than good。 (United States, "World News" reporter Chen Xiaoning ╱ Photography) dimension to your music wire, said that many people can benefit from the new tax law, the tax relief to some extent, in fact, the new tax law is mainly to cut corporate taxes, and then further by stimulating company investment, expansion, increase employment。
However, most large-scale companies will invest the money and debt, rather than a true increase employment。 In the long run, the new tax law in favor of Trump's company tax cuts, but for people in terms of personal tax cuts are temporary and will bring more negative impact。   She pointed out that Trump in the latest budget outline proposed cuts a lot of federal funding related to education, health care, transportation, housing, will affect low-income people and small businesses。
  "Fiscal Policy Institute" (FiscalPolicyInstitute) Sander, a senior policy analyst budget (JonasJNazimoffShaende) noted that the new tax on annual income of less than $ million for individuals and families, only 16% of the amount of tax relief。
According to data Morgenstern (Morgan Stanley) published by the Institute, with 43 percent of the tax cuts in the repurchase and dividends, 19% for merging and buying, only 13 per cent growth in wages, most of which It will be used to increase wages president and other management people。
  He also said that if the federal government cut New York's economy Medicaid (health care), education, transportation and other funding, will endanger a large number of low-income families, the elderly and people with chronic diseases and disabilities。
  National Center for Law and Economic Justice lawyers TheresaLau said individual health insurance tax repeal Obama's new period of compulsory insurance penalty clause, so that some young people and people without the disease may no longer purchase insurance。
In the long run, it will reduce Medicare funding, but also makes some people reluctant to do regular health checks, endangering the health of many people。
  Chen Zhou pointed out that for many small business development Chinatown district, many of which are small businesses need Service (SBS) assistance and the funding of the federal government。
If the federal funding cuts, small businesses recourse, will be more difficult to survive。
High near Manhattan Borough President (GaleBrewer) also encourage people to know more about tax reform and the impact on their own knowledge。