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Qigong practice qigong four major health benefits

Qigong, qigong four health benefits。 Qigong is not only possible, but also health。 Do you know how can Qigong, Qigong what good is it to the next article describes the benefits of Qigong, and small series with a fast look at it!Four health benefits of qigong one, enhancing qigong can adjust the yin and yang, Cheong blood, dredge the meridians, Pei Yi infuriating, people's lives have been strong, so strong to receive the weak, the sick health, rejuvenation of old man effect。 "Yellow Emperor·Su Wen·Elder naive theory, "he said: Answers are laws in the yin and yang, and in a few patients, food and drink festival, living there often, do not jump to labor, it can form both with God, and do his later years, one hundred degrees year-old is to go。 Qigong practice qigong four major health benefits "pipe·Within the industry, "says: people who can positively quiet……Tough tendons and strong bones。
Hua Tuo is further pointed out: shake the Valley angry consumer, blood circulation, diseases are not students。
These are discussed, not only been confirmed by many practitioners, and has been confirmed by modern medical science experiments。
1, good for blood circulation system of the heart can practice qigong, a large circulation and microcirculation improved, but also the decline in plasma estradiol, suggesting the role of。
Four health benefits to the role of the nervous system of Qigong practice qigong 2, practice can be repaired nerve function and adjustment。
EEG showed wave amplitude increases of practice, and focus on the forehead (which is the main difference between the occipital and eyes closed in a quiet wave), and the left and right brain become synchronized, show enhanced brain function ordering。 At the same time, but also to the autonomic nervous adjusted; the sensory function, motor function, strengthen the function of thinking。 3, when the role of the respiratory system practice and oxygen consumption were reduced CO2 emissions, can be reduced respiratory rate, significantly enhanced lung function。