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Ali replenishment of foreign media attention lazada: digital version of "along the way" thorough Southeast Asia

  Orange area countries Lazada covered in Southeast Asia, South East Asia for geographical reasons, can not form a unified market in the past, Lazada appears to provide a unified shopping and sales to consumers and businesses entrance Chinese companies help "along the way" to improve electricity in Southeast Asia environment Lazada expansion in Southeast Asia, not only so that Alibaba's revenue growth acceleration, while also improving the business infrastructure in Southeast Asia since the problem for decades。
Australia, "Australian Financial Review" in the latest article February 22 in respect that: China is promoting the digital version of "along the way" to enter the Southeast Asian region, Alibaba expansion in Southeast Asia to make Australian companies doing business in Southeast Asia has become easier。
  The Australian Financial Review article that: In the past, sales mean pain long looking for local distributors, shipments to overseas markets in Southeast Asia, and have to deal with government regulation。 But today, Australian companies can be on Lazada Alibaba holding direct sellers, thanks to the cooperation of Australia Post and Lazada, Australia sellers may even be shipped directly from Australia to Southeast Asia buyers。   Australia Post chief executive officer of Black, when Australia Post and Alibaba cooperation, said: For many SMEs, international expansion is a very scary thing, which is why we and Alibaba cooperation, to provide Chinese enterprises and Australia Southeast Asian market, the electricity supplier channels。