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Chinese students in the United States and the University of Utah who robbed and killed the suspects arrested or involved in another murder

The picture shows the killing of Chinese student Chen Wei Guo Pictured suspects Austin Botan local time on November 1 electric evening of October 30, the University of Utah shooting incident, a 24-year-old man Austin Botan (AustinBoutain) in robbery attempt car opened fire, resulting in an unfortunate Chinese students shot and killed。 31 pm local time, police said Utah in Salt Lake City library arrested Austin。
According to the Associated Press, the University of Utah in Salt Lake City (UniversityofUtah) of 23-year-old Chinese student Chen Guo Wei suffered a carjacking and shooting on campus backdoor Red Butte Canyon Road (RedButteCanyonRoad) around at 21:00 on October 30, due to the shot in the head died on the spot。
Local police blockade trouble near Red Butte Canyon Road Canyon sent to hunt down fugitive suspects Austin。
Austin carjacking suspect shooting in the afternoon on October 31, surrendered to police in Salt Lake City Public Library (SaltLakeCityMainLibrary)。
Colorado police said they suspected Austin also killed a 63-year-old, because their remains were found in a truck in Austin。 Austin's wife Catherine () has been to drugs and theft being held in jail in Salt Lake City。
According to the New York Daily News reported that Utah Governor Gary Herbert (GaryHerbert) published on Twitter a statement expressing condolences University of Utah lost an outstanding student, his heart and deceased family and friends。
According to the school description, Guo Wei Chen is a "very outgoing, creative, intelligent and highly motivated people。 "University of Utah president David (DavidPershing) at the press conference on October 31, said the school is trying to help the deceased student Chen Guo Wei's relatives went to the University of Utah from China。 In computer science from the preliminary reading of Guo Wei Chen from Beijing, he took a photo of themselves and their parents as an avatar on Chen Guo Wei's social media sites, and the words "family can be together forever (Familycanbetogetherforever)"。 Served as assistant counsel in the International Student Center on campus Guo Wei Chen usually helpful, news that he was killed, many of my friends on social media sites have expressed shock and condolences to the event。 From 2013 to recognize Chen Guo Wei horse of the students said: "Guo Wei Chen a very bright, very confident but humble boys doing things, people around him always feel a force。
He taught me how selflessly serving others, and always help people sake。
He really is a rare lifetime friend, and I think everyone can feel his deep well。
"After the evening of October 30 China University of Utah students being shot and killed, Cui Tiankai, Chinese ambassador to the United States attaches great importance to the case, the embassy has expressed condolences to the bereaved family, to the school Chinese students had to appease, and the first time get in touch with the local police, he urged the police to solve the case as soon as possible, to provide the necessary assistance to the families of the deceased。 Embassy said it would continue to maintain communication with the school, the police and the families of students, the follow-up matters properly handle the case, I hope attention to the local public security situation in the United States and Chinese students and overseas Chinese, to enhance self-awareness of security, to ensure that life in the United States, study, work, travel safely and smoothly。 (Overseas net Zhu Huiyue) Editor: Lirui Chen, Xu snow。