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Jordan Brand Jordan XXXII

"In order to create the best shoes, we have been constantly exploring new materials and innovative technologies。 This dedication we had to build from the beginning AirJordanII in Italy continues today。 For AirJordanXXXII design, we strive to give designers pushing the limits while not forgetting to uphold the brand origin。 "- Michael Jordan In retrospect, the Air Jordan series has maintained a delicate balance between fashion and innovation。
Just as AirJordanII full of Italian style with its exquisite styling and innovative midsole manufacturing process is famous; AirJordanIV through frosted cow leather and unique combination of lightweight mesh to create a publicity fashionable appearance, its performance is so outstanding it became a time of many basketball fans ideal; and AirJordanXI creatively used in patent leather uppers, this choice not only because of its good elasticity, but it led off with a trend……The list goes on。 To AirJordanII luxury design inspiration, Air Jordan series uphold the essence of the design, the new AirJordanXXXII, the multiple implicit in innovation and technology under the stylish appearance, a new experience。 Application of innovative technologies has always been a part of the Air Jordan praised。 If a reflection of AirJordanII of high-grade leather, texture and body of the shoe design, sophisticated manufacturing process are then。 That in the end the design and production is truly representative of an important position in the history of this pair of shoes Jordan Brand Development。
Because in the past, injection mold process AirJordanII in the end adopted, it is an advanced technology can only be achieved in Italy。 The master this technology, also let Nike sneakers has since become a leader in the design and production。
Similarly, the AirJordanXXXII first use of the high tenacity yarns as Flyknit uppers of raw materials, is also due to Nike's patented weaving technology and in-depth research for this technology。
"For every designer double AirJordan32 of TateKuerbis said," For example, I want the laces on the vamp 'disappear', then inside the shoes, we will design a complete package strap style system, so you are still in motion to achieve locking feet。 "Flyknit uppers made of high tenacity yarn, not only will AirJordanXXXII combat performance and comfort to a whole new level, providing more flexibility than other Jordan shoes。
Special knit structure not only enhance the softness of the forefoot, more modern technology to reshape AirJordanII classic design forefoot。
Shoes behind the use of the site with more traditional molding leather or fur turned and electronic knitting technology with the shoes feel more balanced。
While enhancing and continued since AirJordanII, Jordan Brand has continued movement of DNA in luxury style。 "We do everything proceed from the perspective of athletes。
"Jordan, vice president of brand design DavidCreech said," We carefully polished every detail AirJordanXXXII full consideration comfort, combined with the appearance and functionality of the three。
30 years ago, when designing AirJordanII, it is this attitude prompted them to find a high-grade materials and a revolutionary technology from Italy。
For AirJordanXXXII, our goal is to AirJordanII the essence of modern advanced technology integration, through the use of our unique design language, create one pair both in off the court, capable of tapping into 'flying' inspired shoes。
" 'Air Jordan of combat shoes series always give me a surprise,' Jordan Brand athletes, regular season MVP winner Russell Westbrook said." Excellent fusion of performance and style, too AirJordanXXXII。 I decided to play the way my feet shoes must have the best performance, while an important element of fashion is deeply rooted in my heart, whether as a player or an ordinary person。 "As AirJordanXVIII, AirJordanXIX and AirJordanXXXI designers, Kuerbis well versed in Jordan shoe design and brand essence of the Road。 No doubt, he also knows how to draw inspiration in classic。 "AirJordanXXVIII is still considered one of the very good practical shoes," he said.。 AirJordanXXVIII around the palm ZoomAir Air unit is equipped with the blessing FlightPlate technology, always provide quick feedback for athletes。 By Jordan brand language, it is to help them to "fly" ready。
"In the AirJordanXXXII, we not only continued the cushion configuration AirJordanXXVIII, but also to make sense of the transition smoother shoes。 "Kuerbis explained," This is designed to ensure sufficient contact between the air cushion and the ground。
The new herringbone shading big way by car wiper type of arrangement, will further enhance the sense of space and sneakers grip。 "Jordan Brand will also be the first time on a global scale, and at the same time help to help low release of version AirJordanXXXII。
AirJordanXXXII of RossoCorsa color will be held September 1 in succession world debut in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Taipei three cities of Jordan brand flagship store。