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Li Ka-shing has done a pen cost-effective trading: hoard twelve sale | Li Ka-shing

Related reading: cow, animal husbandry, River Song February 27 evening, () major asset restructuring released suspension notice, the proposed acquisition of Jiangmen City, blue sea Silver Lake Real Estate Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "blue Silver Lake") 100% equity。 Blue Sea Silver Lake Li Ka-shing is indeed for the development of projects in Guangdong Jiangmen set up the project company, located in Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province, has 1.33 million square meters of land。   Yuetai shares, said, "This constitutes a major asset restructuring, constitutes a related party transaction" in the announcement, but did not disclose related party transactions。
Through equity analysis found that the related party transactions suspected to Broadwood China Investment Co., Ltd.。
  In fact, this acquisition have already made bedding, and there are three parties involved in the above。   Public information display, blue sea and Silver Lake was founded in 2007 February 2, formerly known as "Jiangmen City, and Hutchison Whampoa Properties Limited"。
Despite the current sea Silver Lake Industrial and Commercial shareholders have completely changed Jiangmen City Broadwood Corporate Planning Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Jiangmen live music"), but the information can be traced back display, blue sea Silver Lake originally developed by Hutchison Whampoa Properties (Zhuhai) Co., and the company established a joint venture Jiangmen Broadwood。
  July 2017 to August, shareholders and corporate legal representative is changed, and Hutchison Whampoa exit, Jiangmen Broadwood become a wholly-owned shareholders of Blue Sea Silver Lake。 Broadwood China Investment Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned Jiangmen Broadwood shareholders。   At the same time, Guangdong Thai Holdings shareholders in Guangzhou, Guangdong Thai Holdings Limited billion raised in July 2017 trust loans, named "Zhejiang Jinhui Industry No. 51 Jiangmen project Capital Trust scheme"。 Purpose Displays grant funds to finance loans to trust people Guangdong Thai Holdings, M & A Broadwood China Investment Co., Ltd. 95% interest in, and then get Broadwood China's Guangdong Jiangmen City, Jiangmen sea Silver Lake Real Estate Co., Ltd. 95% equity。   There is speculation pointed out Yuetai has completed the acquisition of shares of 95% Broadwood Chinese interests, so this acquisition Broadwood China's sea belongs to Silver Lake related party transactions。   Although equity relationships Li Ka-shing was displayed last exit, but the "blue Silver Lake" project is still found in Cheung Kong (formerly "Cheung Kong real estate", after Li Ka-shing's Hutchison Whampoa and Cheung Kong real estate consolidation platform) list the official website of the project。   Public information display, and Hutchison Whampoa in December 2006 won the land in Jiangmen Silver Bay, and then in February 2007, established the project company Silver Lake Blue Sea。   Housing prices in Hong Kong in accordance with the usual practice of the mainland, the land has been for twelve years, Li Ka-shing can not help but fall into the "hoard" of the question, in 2013, Jiangmen municipal government had to bring 60 billion yuan to Shanghai Merchants。 To attend the "2013 Guangdong Jiangmen (Shanghai) Investment Fair news conference," the deputy mayor Wu Guojie media interviews, said Li Ka-shing as early as the late 1990s had been involved in the Blue Sea Silver Lake Silver Bay to inspect the project site plan。 He also revealed that a total of 3800 acres of land (about 2.53 million square meters), said it would build planning to set Yacht Club, shopping and leisure, luxury residential equal to one integrated large-scale commercial real estate projects。   It is noteworthy that, Hutchison Whampoa and Cheung Kong disclosed in annual reports over the years of the land area of 3800 acres is not much, but 1.33 million square meters。   That time, the district plans to promote big wide bay and into the mid-Macao Bridge construction phase, when the Jiangmen city government investment to Shanghai, it seems that the "Li Ka-shing processing assets in the PRC, but still optimistic about the Jiangmen" into the Jiangmen investment "gold sign"。 But at that time to get to sea Silver Lake has a seven-year project, the infrastructure is still in the stage of actual。   Hutchison Whampoa annual inquiry found that the project first appeared in the annual report in 2007, the anticipated completion date is 2014。 Until 2014 Annual Report, the progress of construction of the project still remain at 1%, expected to be completed at the latest time until 2022。
Cheung Kong and Hutchison Whampoa after the merger with the company's annual report did not disclose the project process again。   In addition, the proposed purchase price of the transaction does not appear in the announcement, but this has been twelve years to get to the land value also tracked。   Information available retrospective show, sea Silver Lake beginning of the establishment, and Hutchison Whampoa invested billion, more than 90% of the shares, Jiangmen Broadwood invested 12 million yuan shares more than 10%。 January 4, 2018, Silver Lake blue sea of the registered capital directly from the original one hundred million yuan to 700 million yuan capital increase。
  On the other hand, Yuetai shares for the acquisition of Blue Sea Silver Lake has been financing and raised above million trust loans。
On the eve of the acquisition of the target company increased to 700 million yuan, the acquirer has worked for financing acquisition targets million, which means sea and land owned by Silver Lake worth at least one hundred million yuan。
  Today will take years before the land sale, Li Ka-shing in the mainland once again enjoy the land appreciation dividends。