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Korean media: DPRK Kaesong park workers refused to work overtime production affected

  Reported that the DPRK has to pay the wages of the ROK enterprises have 49, if not increase, including the declaration of enterprises, the majority of expected settled in the Kaesong industrial park ROK enterprises have to pay wages。   Assigned to a company official said, although the government requires companies do not pay wages, but if production problems occur, it will bring about a fatal blow。   It is reported that the South Korean government plans to change the way the original payment of wages to the Central Administration of the HKSAR guide the development of North Korea, but according to previous wage paid to the Kaesong industrial park management committee ROK, DPRK to allow South Korea to receive from the Management Committee, and other parties on agreed salary matters and then pay the difference。 But business side believes that changes in wage payment will cause dissatisfaction Korea, worker slowdowns phenomenon may exacerbate。   November 2014, North Korea unilaterally amend "the Kaesong industrial complex labor regulations," the 13 clauses deleted park workers the minimum wage rate increases should not exceed 5% of the content of the minimum wage the previous year, and from March 1 this year, North Korea workers the minimum wage to $ 74 from the previous $。
  Koreas open agency responsible for managing the park in the city this year April 7 and 18, carried out two consultations, but failed to reach an agreement on salary increase。 April 28, South Korean Kaesong Industrial Park Management Committee and the Central Bureau of Special Zone Development Guidance Korean around "late fees undertaking" issues were consulted, but failed to narrow differences。