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Macau Special Administrative Region of the Sixth Legislative Council election will be held on September 17

Sixth SAR Legislative Council consists of 33 members, for a term of four years, in which members directly elected 14; members indirectly elected 12; appointed by the Chief Executive, Mr seven。 In direct elections, political associations or nomination committee 300-500 itself is composed of voters eligible to vote, the right to nominate candidates for the。
And 18 years of age and is a natural person permanent residents of the Macao Special Administrative Region, as has been made and published in January this year to show the voter registration voter registration voter can elect 14 directly elected members in the Legislative Council elections。
Sixth Council 12 indirectly elected seats will generate from the commercial and financial sectors, labor, professional, social services and education, culture and sports five constituencies。
In addition, seven members after the receipt by the Chief Executive in total accounting results within 15 days of appointment。
Legislative Council Election Administration Commission said that with the Sixth Legislative Council election day has been laid, the official start of the election process, the Electoral Affairs Commission of the Legislative Council are being carried out and a series of electoral propaganda。 Interested organizations may request the Commission nominees to the 16th of this month organized form the Nomination Committee, and on June 20 will be sent on or before the Electoral Affairs Commission of the Legislative Council forms to confirm their legal existence。
According to Bureau of the Macao SAR government administration office in January announced a new "electoral register" By the end, Macau has 307020 voters natural person who, with the number of voters by the end of 2012 and increased by 29,867 people, an increase of%。
Voter registration for the legal entity 858。 (Reporter Liu Chang) Editor: Liu Siyue。