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Rout five goals behind this precious dynasty did it not continue

  5-0, Guangzhou Hengda in the league two home without firing a shot won slightly inferior strength Changchun Yatai, also ushered in the second round of their first league win。 5 goals capsules wonderful Needless to say, the even better news is that the game Hengda zero seal every opponent, which is the second field Hengda zero closure since 2018 six games。
  Start to the season for Hengda is indeed difficult, Liang Lianping they suffered in the AFC Champions League before the two, although Shenhua won the Super Bowl to win the championship, but the first round in the league and city rivals R & F is to win, so start for a team like Hengda necessarily unsatisfactory。 The reason is that the poor start behind the defense Hengda loose, they lost in five games 13 goals, averaging more than two such defensive intensity also led to the dismal performance of Hengda beginning stages。   Fortunately, however, Hengda defensive back the feeling of today's game against Yatai。 Changchun Yatai although the strength is not strong, but by no means can easily deal with opponents, their forward Yi Haluo today poses a threat to many times Hengda goal in the first half, but fortunately Zeng Cheng to play brave, high then resist the secure gates yet。 The second half of the game, Hengda complete control of the pace of the game, in the face of Yatai counter-attack, their defense also did airtight, eventually also completed this zero seal victory。   As a king-level team, attack and defense is equally important。
Hengda last two games with a back on the offensive end feel, are now no longer as weak as before Hengda defensive end, both offensively and defensively slowly back on track to rival warlords and super want to prove destroy their dynasty is not easy。
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