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Estrogen deficiency has four major hazards!Eat black beans estrogen replacement therapy

  I believe many female friends heard of estrogen it!Yes, estrogen is essential for a woman, if not only likely to cause irregular menstruation, also cause obesity, accelerated aging, etc.。 So how do women lack estrogen?What you can eat?Here together to understand!  Four women under normal circumstances harm ovarian secretion is the main source of the female hormone estrogen, but as she grew older, or for other reasons, women are likely to inadequate secretion of female hormone problems。
Female hormone deficiency will bring a range of women's health impact。
  Hazard a: affect the skin when a woman's estrogen deficiency becomes worse skin, loss of elasticity, wrinkles, allergies, etc.。   Hazard II: estrogen deficiency accelerates the aging of women's issues, "osteoporosis" is more likely, and therefore more prone to back pain, shorter height, humpback and other circumstances, from the point of view more aging face。   Hazard III: lack of menstruation female hormone estrogen can also cause vaginal dryness, irregular menstruation, fewer secretions, sexual pain, low libido and other issues。
  Hazard IV: obese women with obesity in addition to improper eating habits, too little estrogen is also one of the most major of these factors, particularly after the age of 30 women are more likely because estrogen secretion is too small to cause obesity problem。
In addition to causing obesity, estrogen deficiency also makes the overall image of women feel worse, such as breast hypoplasia, atrophy, and even sizes, areola black and other issues。   Eat these foods since so much harm women, it should be how do?Life in many foods contain estrogen, eat pumpkin, carrots, etc. can play a good conditioning effect。
  Pumpkin Pumpkin is rich in vitamin E, which acts on the pituitary gland and the ovaries, have the effect of estrogen control。 In addition, Victoria ē can effectively remove the body of reactive oxygen species, helps skin health and prevention of hypertension and other lifestyle-related diseases。
  Carrot average five times a week to eat carrots women likely to develop ovarian cancer 50% lower than the average female, and American experts have reached similar conclusions。 Ovary eat carrots, not only to help the ovaries, but also intake of vitamins for women, more and improve eyesight。   Black beans undoubtedly content is the highest compared to other legumes contain phytoestrogens, black beans。 Long stick fight black beans soy milk drink, is a very safe supplement phytoestrogens, have a good effect on the uterus and ovary。   When Angelica women found that estrogen in their bodies decreased significantly, there is a small way to help recover quickly: from a pharmacy to buy some of the Chinese angelica, put about 10 grams a day soaked in water to drink, as will drink tea every day, step by step, but also natural supplemented gradually reduce estrogen, less than a month you can see tangible results of。
  Hashima Hashima oil contained in the oil-rich animal estrogen, women eat have to promote strong health and beauty and other health benefits。
  Cabbage Cabbage addition to rich in calcium, phosphorus, vitamins outside the human body, which also is rich in boron, which is an element that promotes secretion of estrogen having。 Also cabbage is rich in dietary fiber, eat properly can promote the excretion of toxins voxels, good for women to maintain healthy skin。