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Film critic Zhao: Chinese film to find its own direction

Data for: "Red Sea action" cast for the new film the campaign trail。
 'Single-minded' on the subject of art Linan Xuan is the sincerity of the performance Yangcheng Evening News: Recently released more than made movies with the theme of color what kind of features?  Zhao: I think the biggest feature is the current situation in China today with the rise of folk surging trend was matched, this phenomenon is not rare in China and the world cultural history cultural history。
A country in a certain historical period, a certain stage of development, there will be literary works or deep or shallow represent a certain mood of the times, these emotions some very positive energy, some have more long-term, deep thinking value。 I believe that this period of Chinese cinema, there are several films represent some of the angles of our time to varying degrees, "Wolf 2", "Red Sea action" is one aspect, "No-East West" and represents a further A Thought。   Overall, I think at this stage of the Chinese film very hard, and to some extent, provide explore the sociological material for literary criticism。
Chinese film wandering long in idealism, can not find a new direction, including the fifth generation of film directors are like。
Now all levels, all levels, thinking a variety of angles are beginning to find its own direction, at least someone say, "No-East West" values should be written about, which is today's Chinese people can stand up to express their opinions, to express themselves show attitude。   Yangcheng Evening News: Why these movies attract viewers?  Zhao: In my view, the production of "Wolf 2" and "Red Sea action" is very serious。
During this period the same type of movie themes, in addition to these few, in fact there are, but their success or not as the "Red Sea action" and "Wolf 2", so even videos with similar themes, not necessarily every Department all good。 Thus, "Wolf 2" and "Red Sea action" in capital investment and effort put into action artistic aspects, are full of sincerity, with I appreciate the artistic creation of "single-minded" attitude。
The audience is very smart, and they could see what the film is sincere, what videos are opportunistic, so the market standing respect and respect for the audience's point of view, we must recognize these films in art and thought have made some achievement, I think it is worth loading contemporary history of cinema。
  In addition to 'fight' than what people moved?  Yangcheng Evening News: draw the audience into the movie theater to watch the main theme of the movie, reflecting the background of what is call thought, the times?  Zhao: the recent Hollywood movie "bloody hacksaw ridge", although it has also hit the tail from the beginning, but it is more performance without a fight, do not fight, the film's protagonist is a character not want a gun fight, according to the kind of "non-playing is not" concept, then the "bloody Hacksaw Ridge" for us, how can meaning in it?Now, we must not be satisfied with simple scenes, special effects, action, hit the tail of the plot from the beginning, we have to look at a film after smoke past, human nature does not stand out, family, friendship, love couple, lovers love, Father and son, love and other exotic enough, this is what we measure whether a work regarded as great works of art standards。
Our film is now widely dig enough, including these high box office war films, many will feel that in addition to "fight", there where I touched it worth?It contains a character which can stand more?  Yangcheng Evening News: Now there are comments that, "Wolf 2" "Red Sea action" this type of hot scenes videos mastery of the genre film Hollywood way。
Do you agree with this statement?  Zhao: indeed used a similar large ones, but I do not think this is entirely the road to success artistic creation。
We see a lot of good foreign films, they are not necessarily large ones will learn that Hollywood。
I believe that art must follow certain laws of art, art law is the law of the spiritual world, not the world of the senses of law, not simply those Hollywood learn the law of large ones senses。 In fact, a lot of movies including Hollywood not just as。 If it senses the law, after all senses law to meet the market, Hollywood certainly is successful; if the pursuit of the spirit of the law, then I hope to have more spiritual, religious, faith, something aesthetic philosophy。
  Yangcheng Evening News: These films have reaped a good reputation and box office。 They provide inspiration and what is the main theme of the movie with the market?  Zhao: In general, I am in favor of market principles。 I think the film industry as if there is no market, no audience then it is surely not enough。 China's reform now, in fact, need a kind of power to impact in the past rigid, rigid idea, system, so I applaud the success of these films。 But I think it is necessary to discuss in depth two aspects: one is the impact on the market system, one is the level of art。
In the context of art criticism, someone must come out to speak the truth, the fair also need someone to come out and say so, rather than vindictive words。
  China Film Do not be complacent Yangcheng Evening News: We now see a lot of domestic blockbusters "go out", and such "Wolf 2" are released in the United States, but the response there is a certain gap with China。 Do you think that we should domestic large how to "go out"?  Zhao: In fact, you can turn and see。 Over the years a lot of foreign films have achieved great success in China。
If you do not get a clear idea how the outside world is going, how we go out?Some people despise India, but we all believe that Indian films are very nice every Amir。 If we now began to blindly arrogant tendencies, Chinese film is difficult to go out。
If we reject the outside market, how could you let people buy things do?  Some of our videos, just simply to express some contemporary social mood, but its ideology is still not enough。 I think, first of all need to grasp the Chinese film world development of common values, this is a very important one。
"Wolf 2" There is a picture I was deeply moved, that is, those rebels, mercenaries and Wu Jing fight them, those people are pressed in the cellar below, when there are a piece of music, Western music very well-known "home"。 Wu Jing director put such an episode, it is crude and fine。
  In addition, the film requires a unique artistic pursuit, not just efforts are sincere enough, but also the art of processing and mining。
We are now some good film, not when with a taste of the theme first, rather than excavated from artistic details, so that the audience can not forget things。
From the above several ways, I hope that the Chinese film against complacency。