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China Unicom: the controlling shareholder of planning mix change can reach a shares company shares change

(600050) disclosed late April 5th mix reform program, the parent company of China Unicom Group is planning to carry out major issues related to promoting and mixed ownership reform, the major issues the company intends to controlling shareholder China Unicom Group, as well as a platform may involve Unicom A shares change in shares of the company matters。the company?Shares resume trading on April 6。  [Reports] mix reform program since October 10, 2016 Unicom's announcement is the first study and discussion, has been nearly half a year, change the mix landing sound more and more approaching。  A, H shares April 5 morning temporary suspension。According Exchange announcement, China Unicom (600050) did not notice because of important matters, April 5-day suspension。Hong Kong-listed China Unicom (00762.HK) also noted reasons for failing, April 5 early opening from the suspension。  Today, there are media reports that China Unicom is preparing to release mixed ownership announcement, the first will be released April 5。  April 5 evening, China Unicom (00762.Hong Kong) to HKEx announcement, then the ultimate parent notification Unicom Group, Unicom Group is planning to carry out major issues related to promoting and mixed ownership reform, the major issues is intended to be the controlling shareholder of China Unicom shares in a company as a platform, it may involve change in shares of China Unicom surge of the company's issues。China Unicom?Shares April 6 opening date for restoration。  No movement nearly six months after the October 10, 2016 Unicom's announcement is the first study and discuss the reform program mix, November 30, 2016 HKEx announcement, China Unicom, said specific reform plan is also still under discussion, there Uncertainty。  On the secondary market, stimulated mix change message, from October 2016, China Unicom A-share stock price rose sharply, from 4.7 of 15 yuan / share rose to suspension.The maximum rose to 847 yuan / share, during the.05 yuan / share, or up to 80%。However, market speculation on China Unicom has shown a mixed change the theme of the recent weakness of the state。  China Unicom A, H shares April 5 morning temporary stop, let Unicom to change the mix of the more landing approach。Prior to the March 31 morning, Liu, deputy party secretary of the National Development and Reform Commission deputy director chaired a special meeting to appoint internal reform。It was noted that in accordance improve governance, strengthen the incentive, highlight the main industry, improving efficiency requirements, focus their efforts on the pilot mixed ownership reform, approved the implementation of the pilot program as soon as possible, electricity, oil, gas, railways, civil aviation, telecommunications, military, etc. make substantial progress, the formation of a number of typical cases, the formation of replicable replicable experience。The mix included in the pilot of the first change in the telecommunications field, it is China Unicom。  2016 Report shows that China Unicom's operating income 2742 2016.000 million yuan, down 1.0%, net profit of 6.300 million yuan, down 94 year.1%。Specific revenue, service revenue realization bottomed, up to 2409.800 million yuan, an increase of 2.4%。But the absence of income from the sale Tower, Tower coupled with increased costs and an increase in the use of energy, rents and other expenses of Unicom 2016 net profit fell by more than ninety percent。January-February 2017, China Unicom net profit of about 4.600 million yuan, the monthly net profit rose 50 percent, a strong rebound in profits。  Earlier, China Unicom mix change news came out, the market on giant, Tencent, Ali or shares of China Unicom, news。Even then the parties simply signed a strategic cooperation agreement, both the market interpreted as a change related to the mix。  This year, March 6 at the policy briefing held by the State Council Information Office, said Lu Yimin, general manager of China Unicom to develop a mixed ownership economy is an important strategic measure the central deepen the reform of state-owned enterprises。The telecommunications industry as a national strategic, fundamental, leading industry, in promoting the transformation and upgrading of the national economy, national service network power strategy, plays a very important role。The State Council decided to deepen the reform of mixed ownership in the telecommunications field, we believe that this initiative will further stimulate the endogenous dynamics and vitality of enterprises telecommunications enterprises, to accelerate innovation and transformation industry, give priority to further strengthen and expand the state-owned enterprises。Lu Yimin said that the current China Unicom's mix reform program is among the national authorities for approval。  Reorganization of central enterprises to accelerate China United Network Communications Group Co., Ltd. (Unicom Group) is the foundation of the entire system of China Unicom, China Unicom also all of the company's parent company。China Unicom Group is the only company in New York, Hong Kong and Shanghai-listed three companies, on January 6, 2009 through the merger on the basis of the former China Netcom and former China Unicom on。Before the merger, Unicom Group, formerly China United Telecommunications Co., Ltd., was established in mid-1994 July 19。  A listing of the shares of China Unicom (600050) China Unicom Group Holdings is an important secondary enterprise。Unicom China Unicom Group holds 62.74% stake in Beijing Unicom Xingye Co., Ltd., China Unicom Limited (Unicom Group are two subsidiaries) holds 0.01% stake, the public float of 37.25%。  China Unicom does not directly operate any business, equity only by China Unicom (BVI) Limited (China Unicom BVI company) held by China Unicom (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. (Liantonghongchou) of。  Unicom BVI Company is an investment holding company, does not directly operate any business, the company is setting up the international legal order to avoid the common practice of tax-related。Liantonghongchou established in Hong Kong in 2000, February 8, June 2000 Liantonghongchou were global initial public offering and listing in Hong Kong, two New York, in October 2002 the company has successfully completed in Shanghai A-share listing。Liantonghongchou is the actual holder of the operating assets of China Unicom, the direct holdings of the Unicom Group BVI company, Unicom BVI company and public shareholders。  April 5 there from the media that China Unicom will be adjusted to change the mix of China Unicom's ownership structure through targeted their investment and transfer of existing shares of the way, China Unicom Group will reduce its stake, the introduction of state-owned shareholders, the Internet industry, a number of non-public home territory corporate and employee stock ownership。  It is noteworthy that, after two sessions this year, the central enterprises to accelerate the pace of restructuring。Earlier announcement, the company's largest shareholder Light Group and China Poly Group Corporation signed a framework agreement on restructuring, in light of the Group's overall property will be free to transfer into the Poly Group。Chairman Liu Zhijiang April 5 at the annual results press conference said the restructuring Sinoma Group and the Group is now well advanced, the two companies will continue to promote the orderly restructuring, the next step will be to promote more listed company's restructuring plan to achieve internal allocation of resources to maximize。  In addition, there is recent and expected consolidation, while China Sinochem Group intends to fight the introduction of joint-stock investment market reform and other news also spread。(Source: Securities Times Online)