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Branch network cloud letter received regulatory requests and recycled nutrients, who arranged to stop self-examination

March 10, 2017 received the China Securities Regulatory Commission Beijing Authority sent a "letter of regulatory concern" (Jing Zheng Jian Fa [2017] No. 41), the right to ask shareholders to authorize commissioned Mr. Fang Mengkai issues in dispute, Mr. Wang Yu Hao, Mr. Chen Ji, Mr. Luzhen Lin and Mr. Xiao Bing, the transaction since July 2015, agreements or other arrangements self。  Branch Yun Network Technology Group Co., Ltd. Beijing Authority on receipt "letter of regulatory concern," the announcement of the Company and its directors hereby guarantee the content of information disclosure is real, accurate, complete, not false, misleading statements or material omissions。  Branch Yun Network Technology Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "cloud Branch Network" or the "Company") on March 10, 2017 received the China Securities Regulatory Commission Beijing Regulatory Authority (hereinafter referred to as "Beijing Authority") issued to the "regulatory letter of concern" (Jing Zheng Jian Fa [2017] No. 41), requires shareholder rights authorized commissioned Mr. Fang Mengkai issues in dispute, Mr. Wang Yu Hao, Mr. Chen Ji, Mr. Luzhen Lin and Mr. Xiao Bing, on July 2015 since transactions, agreements or other arrangements self。  According to the relevant requirements, the company will now "letter of regulatory concern" about the situation now announced as follows: First, the "letter of regulatory concern" of the main content Recently, the shareholders authorized the company for more than controversial issues arise, or even the company premises under attack is not normal circumstances, there is a big risk in exposing the company standardized operation and information disclosure, Beijing is highly concerned about the EAA。Now required disputed matters related Fangmeng Kai, Wang Yu Hao, Chen Ji, Luzhen Lin and Xiao Bing transactions since July 2015, agreements or other arrangements for self-examination, confirm that it is involved in arrangements for the families of the voting shares or control over cloud networks and conventions, whether there are other significant events likely to have a significant impact on the company's stock price, as well as the above matters whether there should be disclosure of undisclosed, and the receipt of this letter concerned within five working days of self-examination report of Beijing Office results; should be disclosed on discovery of undisclosed matters, there is disclosure obligations or the obligations of the parties shall immediately be supplemented with public disclosure or Branch Yungang obligation of information disclosure。  At the same time, Beijing Authority reminded the Board and relevant parties: 1, the Board of Directors shall take effective measures to safeguard the interests of the company and all shareholders, to ensure the normal development of stable and orderly production and management company。Directors should earnestly fulfill their duty of loyalty and diligence owed the company should treat all shareholders fairly。  2, the relevant parties should abide by laws and regulations, "Articles of Association" and the internal management system and requirements to exercise their rights according to the law。If necessary through judicial channels contradictions and conflicts, with no interference, destruction of normal business behavior order。  3, the board of directors and all relevant parties should fully fulfill the duty of disclosure and improve the transparency of listed companies。The Board should continue to focus or major events and their effects can occur has occurred, active investigation, to obtain information needed for decision-making。All relevant parties to take the initiative, promptly notify the company and the major issues with the company's obligation of information disclosure。  Liability Beijing Authority all relevant parties will self-examination results and related supplemental disclosures to carry out special verification case, and to hold illegal according to the law of the body。  Second, additional instructions 1, the company's receipt of the "letter of regulatory concern", the first time the "letter of regulatory concern" forwarded to Mr. Meng Kai, Mr. Wang Yu Hao, Mr. Lu Zhenlin, Mr. Chen Ji, Mr. Xiao Bing, brought in accordance with the above-mentioned parties "letter of supervision concern" requires self-examination。  2, in view of Mr. Meng Kai shareholder rights exist Attorney multi-party authorization, duplicate authorization of the situation, as part or all of that is true, it is likely to be controversial, and thus give rise to legal disputes。Please note that the majority of investors these risks, prudent investment。  3, according to the company will follow the progress of the matter, in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of the relevant laws and regulations, the timely implementation of information disclosure obligations。  Special announcement。  Branch Yun Network Technology Group Co., Ltd. Board of Directors in mid-2017 March 13