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April 5 at home and four major securities newspaper headlines essence of Abstract article

China Securities Journal () "Everyone says the future to catch up in Shenzhen, Pudong, which under the wanderers blessed。"Auntie Wang Xiong Zhou Xiong County, Hebei Century City these days was too excited to not miss any news about male security New Area。She told China Securities Journal reporter, with the ease of a non-capital function, Beijing will certainly be a considerable number of industries transferred from the local service industries will certainly be prosperous。    Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange and China recently announced settlement, the introduction of the Securities and Exchange front-end fund risk control system and strengthen the management of the daily trading institutions to hold or lease transaction units ,, companies。At present, China has settled in conjunction with the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange, the drafting of the relevant rules and regulations on the basis of research and feasibility studies on the formation of "a rule, two rules," the funds control system front-end system, and has begun to seek advice from the relevant agencies。    From spark to Liaoyuanzhishi。Towns and villages "trial and error", the number more than 1500, breaking trillion assets。They spent a decade "break" out of a kind of survival and development of the road?    One of the "male security concept stocks" April 4 evening bulletin issued to clarify media reports, disclosure of the current situation in Baiyangdian science and technology cooperation agreement and the city commission Xiong County area。The company said, "Baiyangdian City" and "Xiong industrial city" project is still in the planning stage positioning, the company has not yet received the relevant government notice on the cooperation agreement subsequent changes, but the implementation of relevant cooperation agreements there may be changes in policy and contract performance period longer posed a significant risk of uncertainty。    Shanghai Securities News () due to the time of the audit "Not diligence" and received a warning letter and a series of "fines" from the regulators, in the case of suspended undertake new securities not yet reached the time limit, because of Ruihua Certified Public Accountants punished again for the same reason。    Sitting on a huge amount of assets of the insurance industry investment trends always affects the market nervous, especially occupy half of the insurance industry is staggering four giant。With the ending Insurance Annual Report of the Big Four, their investment roadmap also will be surfaced。    In the context of financial deleveraging, tighter regulation of capital assessment, the bank's capital adequacy ratio continued to pressure。The use of "preferred shares ,, two capital instruments," the three tools to actively replenish capital, become the optimal choice of listed banks。    The decision to establish the center, also in the capital markets caused huge repercussions。Some of the recent media reports, institutional research report, part of the "hot spots" of listed companies have announced today, to clarify, tips, instructions in the form of disclosure of male New security establishment impact on the company may be generated。    Securities Times () failed reorganization of listed companies, no longer simply a "stock market environment changes," In a nutshell。Letter of inquiry from the recent exchange of view, not only terminate the restructuring details, review process, assumed responsibility for breach of concern, but also the follow-up to promote the transfer of shares of listed companies, profit distribution plan, will face questioning chain is involved constitutes a "package" deal。    So far, 18 listed brokerage announced the 2016 Annual Report, executive remuneration officially unveiled。Annual salary of tens of millions of executives have been three people, while the number of executives earning more than $ 5 million on the rise。    In less than a month, that is, from May 1, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and the Shanghai Stock Exchange issued new regulations transaction will officially implemented, then insufficient securities and assets of 300,000 yuan ordinary investors do not face execution risk disclosure statement will not be able to buy share and split into sub-share basis。    March 31 announcement that occur due to the transfer of shares of objective circumstances change, through friendly consultations, the company's largest shareholder group with ten thousand Zhao Wei Wei Long's Media decides to terminate this transfer of shares matters, both sides did not hold each other's breach of contract, ten thousand original charge Long Wei Group media 2.500 million yuan transfer of shares shall be returned to cancel the agreement within 60 days after the entry into force。      Securities Daily () analysts believe that the central bank can address the impact of dividends and other factors on liquidity through a combination of different duration, scale, and different monetary policy tools。    Data show that, on the market for more than 10 years, that is, before 2007 listed companies, 36 companies since listing has not been a cash dividend, which is not part of the company for cash dividends for more than 20 years of history。And some listed companies is not capable of dividends Dividend。    Recently, the State Council issued the "State Council in mid-2017 legislative work plan" to determine the 2017 mid comprehensively deepen reforms urgently needed projects during the year and strive to complete the project, which, in the effort to complete the project in 22 years, "urban housing security regulations "no doubt high-profile plan。    Five directors have resigned, executive director Ge Kun also in the "lost contact" state in crisis has shown "monkeys scattered tree falls" of the situation, the existing 10 directors, the remaining four still in the normal performance of their duties。The company funds strand breaks into the vortex of the problem in the end how much?Prior to the company's financial audit has not been updated, everything is unknown。